My Week In Pictures

It has been a busy week here at Tara’s Busy Kitchen HQ. Lots of planning for up and coming events and posts which doesn’t leave an awful lot of time for doing lovely things. Especially when you have two part time jobs to fit in too! I seem to be busier than ever which is great and I wouldn’t have it any other way but sometimes I wish I could press “pause” and take a breather! 

I did however make it out to Bovey Castle near Mortonhampstead for Champagne Afternoon Tea. What a treat. I will be doing a full review at a later date but in the mean time here are a few sneaky pictures to whet your appetite! Such a wonderful and enchanting place. Bovey Castle is tucked away on a hill on the outer edges of Dartmoor and it feels secluded and special. I spent my afternoon there snuggled up by a beautiful roaring fire drinking champagne and eating THE best scones I have had in a long while with clotted cream and the most exquisite strawberry jam. Three hours past and I barely noticed. It was perfect. 


I was lucky enough to receive a small veg box from Shillingford organics and alongside the wonderful organic eggs I received half a dozen free range and organic eggs. I have set myself a little veg box challenge! I want to see how I can use my veg box in a way that gives me exciting meals for the best part of the week without wasting a thing. I am supporting Hugh Fernley – Whittingstall’s “War on Waste” and want to help others utilise their veg boxes to the max without waste. I will be working in some recipes and posting them on my blog in the not too distant future.   

I have another busy, busy week next week. Two days of ballet exams will be a pretty big focus for me. About one hundred of my ballet students are taking their Royal Academy of Dance ballet exams. I have children entered in primary ballet all the way up to grade 8!

The Christmas lights get switched on on Exeter and the Christmas market arrives next Thursday. It means the Christmas countdown will begin! I better get myself organised.. Eek!

Have a wonderful week everybody!

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