My week in pictures

My week started with a delivery from Riverford farm. I really look forward to the delivery that comes early in the morning. The expectation of what is in the box and what you can make with the ingredients excites me. I really enjoy making up recipes from the ingredients I have. In this particular box I received broad beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, courgettes, kohl rabi and salad leaves. I definately see a broad bean and courgette risotto and some spicy sweet potato wedges being made in Tara’s busy kitchen in the not too distant future!

The Hidden Treasure Tea Room was my next point of call for a cup of tea with my lovely friend Emma. It’s a quaint little place on Fore Street in Exeter. It has a very retro style with all the cups, saucers, plates and flatware being vintage. The tables and chairs are all miss matched too which is right up my street. I had a lovely brew although I forget the name but it was recommended by the waitress. I had asked for something without caffeine. Emma opted for an Earl grey with soya milk.. She took the plunge with a piece of polenta cake too. It looked very moist! A lovely couple of hours were had chatting and drinking tea. Time flew by as we compared stories about our families( lots to talk about there!), fashion, holidays and the like. Emma works in my favourite shop in town. A wonderful little boutique called Lorna Ruby. Anyone who knows me will understand that shopping is not my thing at all. I can’t stand all the people and the fighting over the last size 10 in the sale. I would rather go without! Lorna Ruby on the other hand is a pleasant shopping experience for me. I can safely say I don’t shop anywhere else… Ooh apart from charity shops and vintage stores!


( Pictures  above were taken at the Hidden Treasure Tearoom. )

( Picures above were taken at Lorna Ruby Boutique. )

I saw these flowers for sale outside a shop called Relevant Vintage. I had to stop and take a piccie as they were so pretty!

So this is Alfie.. The fourth kittie cat that resides with me. He’s a real sweetheart and absolutely adores fuss. There is nothing he loves more than a good old tummy tickle and a brush. As he is a long haired cat he needs a regular groom so thank goodness he enjoys it!

Sunday was a busy day of entertaining and being entertained! Just how I like it! My Nan and Stepfather Tim came over for morning tea so we could have a belated birthday get together. It was lovely to see them both although Nan had forgotten her hearing aid so couldn’t hear a word so we were all having to shout a little so she could get the gist of our conversation! I’m not sure how much she managed to get to grips with in the end but she seemed content enough. It did produce a few comedy moments I have to say! Bless her! We chatted about everything from the holiday in Italy, the Devon County Show (which I missed but hope to go next year), the Sidmouth Folk Festival that is coming up in August and the usual chit chat of nice food and drink, animals and my sisters Estella and Juliet. A good time was had by all I hope and much cake and many biscuits were consumed along side all the nattering!

Sunday evening involved a road trip with my friend Sarah down to Ashburton which is on the very edge of Dartmoor. It was Chloe’s turn at the hosting. I had been looking forward to seeing them both ever since I had returned from Italy. A bit of ‘bestie’ fun was just what the doctor ordered. Chloe cooked the most gorgeous fish stew with a green bean and fennel salad on the side.. I had taken down some of my ‘go to’ parsley houmous, riverford carrots and some seeded oat cakes for dipping as our starter. For dessert it was a trifle-ish affair. Jamaican ginger cake as the base with stewed rhubarb placed on the top and then whipped cream with orange zest. The whole meal was so tasty and felt like a real treat. We nattered away catching up on each other’s lives before it was time to get back in the car to drive home. I can’t wait to catch up with the girls next month.

( Above.. My lovely birthday present from Chloe by the way.. We think it’s from the 1940’s.. A gorgeous vintage mother of pearl elephant brooch. What a lucky girl I am! )

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