My week in pictures

Another week in pictures for you… My host site for the blog was having technical difficulties last week so I am all behind with my blogs. I have now moved to a new host so things should all be back on track. This post brings me up to date! Enjoy!

This week has been a busy one.. Steve and I caught the train up to London. The main point of our journey was to see an old school band called Toto at the Apollo in Hammersmith. One of Steve’s favourite bands ever so he was super excited! I on the other hand wasn’t as excited about the gig.. It was more about the eating and drinking that we could do whilst we were there. We had already organised and booked for the following day we just needed feeding and watering before the show.. That was more of a ‘see what we stumble across’ kind of affair.

We were staying at a little hotel in Victoria so decided to walk up to Sloane Square to get our tube and find something on our way. It was a lovely sunny and warm evening which was lucky as the weather hasn’t been that great recently. Our first point of call was a nice wine bar/restaurant. Steve fancied a pint of something locally brewed and I opted for a glass of prosecco. It seemed the right thing to do in the glorious early evening sun.

After people watching with our drinks we headed off up to Sloane Square. We wanted something to eat that was tasty and relatively quick as we were on a deadline to get over to Hammersmith. We opted for Polpo. This particular one had only been open for a week and the staff were still finding their feet. I found the service was slow and pretty poor but the food that came out couldn’t be faulted. They specialise in small plates.. A little like tapas but Italian stylie! ( can I add that I went to one of the original Polpo restaurants a few years ago and the service was amazing.. I am sure that once this particular place has been open longer the service will improve.. Fingers crossed! )

To eat we opted for some anchovy stuffed deep fried olives, fritto misto, an anchovy and smoked mozzarella small pizza and a rocket, zucchini and Parmesan salad. We love our fish!!! It was all delicious and well cooked and presented beautifully. We washed it down with a small caraf of their house red wine. I have to say that it felt like we were back on our holiday in Trevignano Romamo as we managed to eat outside in the evening sunshine. Such a treat.

   For dessert we shared a tiramisu.. We had to compare to the ones we had on holiday obviously! It was divine! Very authentic and I didn’t want it to end. Yum indeed!

After our feast it was on to the gig. Steve was super excited about the prospect of seeing Toto. I on the other hand was hoping that they would play a few songs I recognised! They did thankfully.. In a two hour set I recognised four.. Thankfully they were well spread out! They finished with one of their greatest hits, ‘Africa’. A great choice for an encore. As much as I am not really a fan I can’t fault their stage presence. They were charismatic and their ability to recreate the songs so faultlessly showed their talent. Plus, they have been in the business for thirty years so they are pretty well rehearsed!

The following day after a good nights sleep we showered and dressed and went looking for somewhere that we could have breakfast. We stumbled across a Leon restaurant whilst walking down to the tube. I had been following them on Instagram so asked Steve if he minded popping in. He didn’t object so we went in. Leon is a chain of restaurants but they have a bit of a healthy twist. I had one of their green smoothies and a green tea and Steve had an egg and bacon muffin and a flat white. I have to say that I made a wrong choice with my smoothie. I thought it would be sweet.. Perhaps kiwi-esque but no. It tasted like cold spinach soup. Not quite what I had envisaged but never mind. Steve on the other hand loved his breakfast and the coffee was good apparently.

   Our next point of call was Oxford Circus and a walk up to selfridges. I wanted to pick up some bits from muji and I new they had one there. It also put us in the right area for a quick coffee stop with my friend Emma ( Tatts )who works in that area. She took us to this really cute cafe called Daisy Green. It is an independently run Aussie company focusing on artisan coffee and bold healthy food. It was great to have a little catch up with Tatts. We put the world to rights in our brief meeting. So nice to see her!

 We mooched up towards Marylebone via the Wallace Collection.  A museum in a historic London Town house. There are twenty five galleries full of French 18th century paintings, furniture and porcelain with Old Masters and word class armoury. The admission is free so it is definitely worth a visit. I clocked the lovely courtyard restaurant too. If we weren’t  eating elsewhere I would have liked to have stopped. Next time I think.

IMG_3632.JPG IMG_3633.JPG  IMG_3635.JPG Lunch was at Honey and Co.This was what I had been looking forward too. I have their cookbook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter! I am a real fan of their food. I will write seperately about this meal but can I just say it was so tasty! It met my high expectations. Well worth a visit if you can get in.. It was busy, busy, busy! After lunch we had a wonder in Regent’s Park before heading back to Waterloo station to catch our train back to Devon. I had a really lovely time in the big smoke!

IMG_3646.JPG IMG_3660.JPG Thursday saw Steve and I pay a little visit to our community garden. They were holding a little fund raiser to redesign the garden and make it more accessible to the community. There was a big stall selling plants that interested us. We wanted a few more plants for our lovely little courtyard garden. The lady in charge of the stall was very kind and talked us through the different varieties and helped us make our decisions. Four beautiful plants for £2.00! What a bargain. I love events like this. We stayed for some tea and homemade cake from the cake stall. Scrummy!

IMG_3670.JPG IMG_3675.JPG  IMG_3676.JPG  IMG_3673.JPG There was another community event on Saturday. This time in St Leonard’s. Our friend Alex was visiting for the weekend from Somerset so we thought it would be a nice thing to do for lunch. They are holding four such events over the coming months. Magdalen Road is closed off and various craft and foodie stalls set up as well as the local businesses spilling their wares into the road. The atmosphere was buzzing which was great. It is wonderful when these community events are well supported. It means that more are likely to happen in the future which is great for the local businesses as well as the locals that visit.

IMG_3687.JPG IMG_3689.JPG  IMG_3690.JPG  IMG_3693.JPG
Just to finish my week in pictures I wanted to put up this picture of ‘Mr Fluffer’.  He doesn’t belong to us but occasionally ventures through the cat flap into our house. He doesn’t eat the cat food he just pays us a quick visit and then he leaves as quickly as he comes in. I often wonder who he belongs to!

Have a great week.. It looks like summer might finally be on its way… Fingers and toes crossed for that!!

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