Sunday funday

What a lovely Sunday off I have just had. It started with a trip to Exeter Picture House cinema to watch a members free preview of the new film Holmes. Steve and I are members and we quite often go to the previews if I am not working. Sir Ian Mckellen was great as the ageing sleuth. The film is loosely based on the novel, A Slight Trick of the Mind written by Mitch Cullin. It hinges on Holmes struggle with early stages of dementia. Mckellen plays the role brilliantly but to me the film seemed a little long winded. I guess you can make your mind up when you see it.

After the film I had arranged to meet my sisters who were visiting Exeter for the weekend. Juliet was visiting family and Estella had been to an old school friends wedding. It was a perfect opportunity to catch up as I hadn’t seen them since February. Steve tootled off home and left us to it. We decided to walk down to The Hour Glass pub for a spot of lunch. They had never been and it is my favourite place to go for food. The menu was spot on yet again! We decided to get different things and share. We ordered devilled crab croquettes, babaganoush  with roasted carrots and flatbread, a fish stew and orecchiette with cauliflower caponata. We asked for extra plates and all dived in. Delish as usual. My sisters were impressed too.

       We managed to catch up on all sorts of things, Juliet has just started film school, Estella and her writing.. She is a journalist, holidays, food, gossip… The usual girlie stuff! So nice to do that over some good food.

 Although we were stuffed we were intrigued by one dessert on the menu. It was ginger Parkin with cheddar and pear. It was almost like a cheese board with a sweet twist. Very tasty! After that was demolished we settled the bill and decided to walk the long way back into town via the Quay. Estella and Ju hadn’t been down there for years so it was nice for them to see how much it has changed.. And for the better! We decided to have a quick stop at The Glorious Art House for a cup of tea before they had to get their trains. We sat out in the garden and carried on with our nattering.

A lovely way to spend a Sunday.. With loved ones and some good food! I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday. X

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