My Week In Pictures 12/16

After teaching on Saturday I hot footed it home so I could make a batch of scones as my Nan and Tim were popping over for afternoon tea. I had also made nutty banana flapjack the previous day so we were all set for a scrumptious afternoon tea. 

On Sunday morning I woke up early to prepare myself for a little bus ride to Sidmouth where I was taking part in a “zumbathon” Sports Relief event. My Zumba group from Exeter alongside groups from sidmouth, Newton Poppleford and Seaton all under the umbrella of JM Dancefit took part in the three mile “Miles With Smiles” challenge. An organised event through Sports Relief was held at The Byes in Sidmouth. Lots of different groups all joined in. Sidmouth running group, St John’s School and us alongside other groups all got warmed up together and then set off on our three mile challenge. Some running, some walking and our group doing a bit of what we fancied. At times I ran then others I walked and then I might throw in a few zumba moves too! It was great fun and I loved every minute even though it was absolutely freezing and I couldn’t feel my fingers the whole way around the route! I loved taking part and being involved in something so worthwhile. I personally smashed my own sponsorship goal and our team collectively raised £3,500 and the total is still set to rise. I am so proud of our achievements as a group. Well done JM Dancefit “Zumba Divas”..

After our challenge Johanna invited me back to her house for a spot of well deserved tea. We heated up the oven to warm scones from The Devon Scone Company purchased at Greendale Farm Shop and made locally in Woodbury. They were beautiful topped with West Country clotted cream and some soft set strawberry jam.. Oh my goodness.. So delicious and perfect fodder for two girls who had “Zumba’d” their way around The Byes for three miles. Johanna had also purchased some wonderful caramel shortbread and Bakewell tart flapjack. What a treat.. They were also made locally in Okehampton from Foxcombe Bakehouse. Lucky me got to eat scones twice in one weekend and I loved it. It felt pretty naughty I have to say but I felt I deserved it!

Sunday continued in a foodie vein. My friend Serena popped over for supper. I prepared a fruity celariac slaw with walnuts and roasted some swede, purple sprouting brocolli and cherry tomatoes with garlic and anchovies. Serena came with foodie gifts too. Some wonderful antipasti (olives, sun blush tomatoes and grilled artichokes), tzatziki and some seeded crackers for dipping. Everything tasted wonderful and I have to say I thouroughly enjoyed our meal. I had made a plum crumble for dessert and had some clotted cream left from afternoon tea on the Saturday. So that worked well. What a feast! It was great to catch up with Serena as it had been a while since we had seen each other. Lots of chatter and laughter as usual. She is always great company. 

The first day of my extended Easter holiday started on Tuesday. I had booked a few days off to coincide with the Easter break so it meant I could look forward to 6 days off. Ballet had finished for the Easter break too so I really was “on holiday.”

I met my friend Emma and we drove out to Knightshayes. A National Trust property just outside Tiverton. The weather was fine and dry although a little chilly. We walked around the gardens for a while. I especially enjoyed wondering around the walled kitchen garden. 

After our walk we stopped off at the cafe. I have to say it was a little disappointing. For me it felt chaotic and not at all what I would expect from the National Trust. To me, the National Trust should show off the true essence of Britain. I am all for moving with the times but not at the expense of quality. The cafe felt a little bit like a money making machine. Churning out food that was mass produced. I would have liked a little more care taken and more attention to detail. It really doesn’t take much effort. I ordered a cream tea and Emma had a Luscome juice plus a piece of carrot cake. My cream tea was a little disappointing. The scone was cold and hard. It would have been far superior if it had been warmed in the oven slightly. The clotted cream was from Roddas which is fine but served in a plastic sealed top container. The jam in a little Tiptree jar. There was no personality there. It was all done for convenience and not for taste and appearence. Emma said her carrot cake was tasty but by no means was it home made. Such a shame as I would expect that from the National Trust. I would not hurry back to the cafe at Knightshayes that’s for sure although the grounds are wonderful. I would recommend taking a picnic with you when the weather is better and don’t waste your money on inferior quality produce. 

I popped into Exeter Library after my visit to Knightshayes. I wanted to pick up some guide books for my trip to Sicily next week. I found what I was looking for. Fantastic! I look a little nuts but I was happy to find a Top 10 guide. They are always so helpful when I am away. They are easy to navigate and give you lots of great ideas of trips to do. They are my “go to” guidebooks whenever I am away. 

Steve and I visited the new Camper Coffee in The Real McCoy Arcade this week. I posted a little write up on Thursday last week.

It’s been a very “foodie” week this week with three cream teas! Eek.. I know it sounds greedy but three opportunities came about and I am not going to refuse. Plus, I am a very active so actually don’t feel that guilty. 

I went to Winchester at the end of the week but that will be a seperate post so I look forward to writing that up for your enjoyment soon.

Happy Easter everyone!

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