Why Tara’s Busy Kitchen?

Why Tara’s Busy Kitchen?

I get asked the question “Why Tara’s Busy Kitchen?” a lot. This post hopes to answer a few of those questions for you. People are always bemused when they see a blogpost about lifestyle or fashion here when they assume with the word Kitchen in the title I should only write about food, restaurants and recipes. Fingers crossed, after reading this you might get an insight into why I chose the name Tara’s Busy Kitchen & Other Stories.

Hands up if you always migrate to the kitchen at parties? Kitchens have the ability to pull you in like a magnet. The warmth of the oven, the place where the good stuff happens (i.e cake baking!) and where people gather to enjoy food. It’s also the place where the dream of Tara’s Busy Kitchen was born.

Tara’s Busy Kitchen was created nearly 4 years ago when a dear friend of mine said to me “you should start a blog”. I had been making and sharing recipes on my Instagram account prior to that using the hashtag tarasbusykitchen for quite a while. At first I thought she was nuts to suggest it. I mean, who on earth would be interested in the ramblings of little old me? It turns out quite a few and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you Rebecca.

From that conversation with Rebecca over dinner at my kitchen table I mentioned to my partner Steve that I was thinking about creating Tara’s Busy Kitchen & Other Stories. Quick as a flash we registered the name and set up a WordPress account. That was my birthday present for the year; the creation of a website and the start of something new, fresh and exciting.

Tara’s Busy Kitchen & Other Stories is more than the original idea of creating recipes though. It’s the idea that people always come together in a kitchen. The kitchen is the beating heart of the home where people share their thoughts and dreams. What they love, who they love, the latest trends, gossip, laughter, tears and fears. That’s what Tara’s Busy Kitchen is to me. A safe place to bare my soul with my closest friends and my extended friends through the words I write. If I get to do that over a good home cooked meal and a glass of something chilled then I am as happy as a clam.

So you see the blog is more than a place for a collection of yummy recipes. It’s a place where I can share my favourite things and my latest discoveries with you like I would with my friends over a cuppa and a slice of cake at my kitchen table. I hope you will continue with me on this blogging journey as we move forward into this brand new year. 2019, I am ready for you!

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Photographs by Angel Wade and Lee Potter.

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