Dinner at Harrys

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Finally Saturday night arrived and it was time for a catch up dinner date with my friend Johanna at Harrys on Longbrook Street in Exeter. We had organised the date what seemed like months ago and it finally came around. What better place to go than Harrys. The atmosphere is always buzzing and the staff are so nice and welcoming. I had reserved a table through their online booking facility and when we arrived we had a wonderful table by the window.

Menus were handed to us but it must have taken three or four attempts by the waitress to take our order! We just couldn’t stop nattering! Finally we made our choices and I was pleased to see some local wine choices on the menu. I obviously went for the local option and had a glad of Lyme Bay Winery’s Shoreline. I’ve had it before and find it very drinkable. My regular readers will know that I love supporting local producers and businesses. This is why I love Harrys so much as it is independent and family run.
Drinks decisions made and it was on to the food choices. I had been teaching all day without a break so I was ravenous. Johanna and I decided to go all out and have burgers. Not being a meat eater I had the falafel burger with halloumi and chilli sauce. Johanna had the Italian. A plump, juicy chicken breast with pesto and mozzarella. Both were served with homemade coleslaw and fries. We decided on sharing a side of onion rings too. The food came and it was delicious. Just what I needed after a long and busy day.

We decided on sharing a dessert and went for the baked cookie with ice cream. Johanna said it was the best dessert she had ever had. High praise indeed!

I’ve had many wonderful meals at Harrys and this was certainly one of them. I can’t recommend this place enough. If you’ve not had the pleasure of dining here then I strongly suggest you make a reservation soon.

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