All Change! 

My life has changed quite a lot recently and for the better. I no longer have my part time job running alongside my ballet teaching. My regular readers will already know this but for my new readers here is a little life update!

One thing I love about no longer having a part time job that runs alongside my teaching is the fact I get to bake more and spend a little more time in the kitchen. I was watching this article on BBC Breakfast the other day about not having enough time to relax. I look back on how my life used to be and I never had a moment to sit down and chill. I was up at 6am writing blogposts and preparing lunch. Then racing to and from from my part time job to my teaching. Finally getting home well after 10pm. I still get up at 6am by the way, so nothing has changed there! I look back on that now and wonder how I did it. I love being busy, don’t get me wrong, however I no longer feel stressed at the thought of how I am going to cram things into my day. This is how a huge chunk of the population still live and I do often think that sometimes we need to just… stop.

My way of relaxing was always cooking and entertaining so I feel so privileged now that I can do more of what I love. I still work really hard at my teaching job and anyone in a similar role to me will understand the stresses and strains that come with it but I do feel a lot happier than I used to.

I can also do more blog things. I have been able to go to events that I wouldn’t have been able to go to which in turn opens doors to other things. I have been very fortunate of late and have had the opportunity to visit some great restaurants, festivals and art exhibitions which has been a total joy. I’m also more available so I can now answer emails and texts that are important without stressing about them until I can.

Looking back at the beginning of the year when I was working long days and barely having a moment to sit down without having to race off to the next job, I can barely comprehend how I did that now. I know that financially the school holidays will be hard and they always fall around celebration times don’t they?! Christmas is the next long school holiday where I have a month off from teaching. I’m a little worried about that but I can always get a temporary part time job can’t I? I am not a “rest on my laurels” kind of girl. I have always worked and always paid my own way and I will continue to do so. I think that there will be a lot of homemade gifts coming everybody’s way this year!! Sorry Serena! It’s the thought that counts isn’t it? Friends, be prepared for homemade chutneys, cookies, truffles and jams! Luckily I can cook so you should be ok!

I am excited for the future. Not only for me but for the blog. I remember saying at the beginning of the year to friends that 2016 was going to be my year. Well, right now, at this moment in time it feels like that is the case and that’s a pretty good place to be.

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