Honeyscribe Light Box Launch

Honeyscribe Light Box Launch

Last week I was invited to the launch of Amy Shelton‘s specially commissioned Honey Flow light box. A bespoke piece of public art showcasing the flowers that honey bees use to sustain their colonies.

The flowers were carefully selected from each season. In this light box, Shelton collected flowers that showcase the most important flowers that the foraging honey bees thrive on. Each flower is duplicated and shown in two ways on the light box. One on the bright white background and another in a small labelled envelope complete with the flower’s Latin name. This creates the light and shade on the box.

The light box is fixed at street level and represents the marvellous rooftop gardens high above the city where the Princesshay apiary is found.

What I particularly love about this piece of art is the fact that it’s accessible to all. Just take a trip into Princesshay and it is there in plain sight. Beautiful art for the everyday folk that pass by.

We were treated to a little visit to the apiary high on the rooftops above the shoppers and diners below. I had visited a few weeks earlier and you can read about my post here. The evening was beginning to chill so it was too cold for the bees to fly. However we were shown the remaining flowers that Shelton used for her inspiration and the hives where the honey bees reside. They will rest there over the winter now until it warms up and they begin a new cycle of life.

We were treated to prosecco and nibbles at Chandos deli along with some honey tasting. There were some fabulous honeys to try from all over the world from Hattie Ellis’ private collection. Some really interesting flavours and textures that really got you thinking about flavour. I would never have thought you could get avocado honey but you can. I tried some and it was creamy in flavour but slightly gritty in texture. A personal favourite of the honeys I tried was the raw carob honey. Beautifully dark, intense and chocolatey.

Hattie has written a book on honey and the different ways you can use them in sweet and savoury recipes. I am definitely putting this on my Christmas list.

I even picked up some of this years harvest of the Princesshay honey. At £4.99 a jar I thought it was very reasonably priced. If you would like to buy some you can get it from Chandos Deli. But be quick! It sells out very fast.

For the event I was lucky enough to have my very talented friend Abi from A.abigail Designs create a beautiful t-shirt embellished with golden honey bees made with sequins and beads. I felt very privileged to have worn one of her creations. I look forward to working with her again for future events. 

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