I recently visited the town of Bracciano in Lazio a short drive from where I was staying on the opposite side of the lake in Trevignano Romano.

There is a castle called Castello Odescalchi Di Bracciano perched right up on the hillside with the most wonderful views. It has been a medieval fortress, a renaissance palace and a wealthy family home. Kings, Popes and other people of great importance have lived and stayed there. The castle has been open to the public as a museum since 1952. I wanted to share a few pictures of my visit.

As you can see it is a very dramatic looking castle. You can see it from a long way off perched up high in the town. IMG_3387.JPG

The views across lake Bracciano are incredible.

This photograph shows the recomposed sixteenth century alter piece depicting the crucifixion. The picture next to it is one of two sixteenth century organ doors with a picture of the Virgin Mary. The colours are so vivid. It’s hard to believe they are centuries old.

Most of the ceilings throughout the living quarters of the castle had the most ornate painted wooded ceilings and wall frescoes beneath. Each room with its own story to tell in pictures.


This wrought iron four poster bed was made in Sicily in the seventeenth century.

IMG_3392.JPGA suit of armour made in Milan in the fifteenth century..

IMG_3394.JPG The court of honour. ( the courtyard )

IMG_3399.JPG The beautiful tiled courtyard floor.


Such a beautiful place. You can now hire the castle and its grounds for weddings.. In fact Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes did just that! ( shame it didn’t last.. Eek! )

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