Hello Autumn. 

Hello Autumn

As summer makes way for autumn I feel my whole outlook towards food changes. All of a sudden something clicked and I no longer wanted light, fresh food. I crave more substantial food that has a bit of clout to it. Warming food that nourishes you in these colder and darker months.

I always visit my local farmers market and this dictates what I buy. Gone are the abundant tomatoes and salad leaves. Their replacement being root vegetables, pumpkins and squashes in all shapes, sizes and colours. My mind turns to roasted veggies, warming risottos, stews and soups. And for dessert I require crumbles and pies with lashings of warming vanilla custard.

I have found myself creating dishes using really simple ingredients that warm “the cockles of your heart” as my Nan would say. Even after all these years I still don’t really know what that saying means. In my head it means soul warming, comfort food that warms you from the inside out. Smoothie bowls have been replaced by steaming bowls of porridge with dried fruits, nuts and honey.

A few examples of recipes that have made it on to my supper table this past week are risottos made with pearl barley instead of arborio or carnolli rice, flavoured with goats cheese, sage and thyme and topped with roasted beetroot. I have made autumnal warm salads with roasted butternut squash, stilton and lots of chilli and fresh parsley. Puff pastry tarts with slow cooked leeks and Parmesan served alongside dark leafy greens sautéed in garlic. There has definitely been that autumnal transition.

Hot chocolates and flavoured hot milks have replaced iced tea… Delicious!

I am loving the bright but chilly autumnal days where you get to snuggle up in your favourite woolies and venture outside. My boots have come back out of hibernation alongside my scarves. It won’t be too much longer before the bobble hats and gloves come out to say “hello” too.

I love the way nature has a way of creeping up on you. A few weeks ago we were basking in late September sunshine and then as if by magic the leaves start falling and a chill develops in the air.

I look forward to sharing some of my autumnal recipes with you soon. There is so much choice of yummy ingredients. I am excited about what this autumn will bring. Watch this space!

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