Konoba Pizzeria Feral. Split, Croatia

Konoba Pizzeria Feral - Split, Croatia

Split is a really foodie town. Booking in restaurants particularly in high season is recommended at least a day in advance if you want to sit outside in the sunshine or the warm evening air. We booked Konoba Pizzeria Feral a day ahead whilst walking by. The restaurant was situated in our neighbourhood about a ten minute walk from our Air B&B apartment.

When you see a sign KONOBA it means that you are visiting a registered restaurant where the dishes of the coastal region are prepared and wine and brandies are poured out. Konoba style restaurants are generally family owned using local produce from farmers nearby and fish freshly caught from the sea. Konoba Pizzeria Feral even uses its very own olive oil from a small olive grove nearby. I love the fact that Konobas use what is seasonal and available to them which helps support local farmers and fishing. Everything that I try and do when at home in Devon, England.

We arrived at 8pm and as requested our table outside was ready for us. It had been a particularly hot day with temperatures reaching nearly 40 degrees centigrade so as you can imagine the evening was a balmy one. At 8pm it was still about 32 degrees! Steve and I were thankful of a little sea breeze.

Our waiter was such a charming man. He took our drinks order and let us peruse the menu further. I had a small caraf of Croatian white wine whilst Steve had a large Karlovačko beer. There was a lot of choice on offer. Fish, meat, pasta, risotto and pizza but Steve and I went straight to the fish dishes! I am a massive calamari fan so I opted for the grilled calamari with a side dish of Dalmatian style swish chard. Wilted chard with potatoes, garlic and lots of olive oil. Steve had a grilled seabass with chipped potatoes.

Both dishes were beautifully simple and cooked to perfection. The Dalmatian chard with the grilled calamari was a perfect light choice for such a warm evening.  Steve’s seabass was moist and flavoursome and the chips were fantastic. The food came out piping hot straight from the kitchen. 

We spent a couple of hours at Konoba Pizzeria Feral and never felt in a hurry to leave even though they were busy and had potential customers asking for tables.

We made a little friend too whilst we were there. The cutest little cat who was keen on getting a bite of Steve’s sea bass. I know  a lot of people might frown on us giving her some fish but we are animal lovers and have four cats of our own. She was obviously a stray and very thin so we couldn’t resist. We were on an end table so it didn’t interfere with anyone else’s dining experience.

I would highly recommend Konoba Pizzeria Feral not only because the food is good but because our meal worked out at £31.00 with the exchange rate being what it is today (July 2016). You would never get food and an alcoholic drink for two people to this standard back home. Just remember to book!! 

Konoba Pizzeria Feral is situated on Senjska 2, 21000 Split, Croatia.

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