Let It Be Sunday – My Week In pictures #4

Let It Be Sunday - My Week In pictures #4

Wow! Another week where our worlds get picked up and thrown down thus jiggling all plans once again. I guess in reality I was expecting a u-turn on the Christmas rules. It had to happen but why with less than a week to go? Why not last week when people could switch up/cancel plans/food deliveries and such like? I don’t like to get political on here because that’s not what TBK is about but the government have royally made a boo boo, haven’t they?

Christmas Tree

We finally put our Christmas tree up. It was delivered to the house on Friday by Dartmoor Christmas Trees. We used them last year too as the service they provide is excellent and the trees are fabulous. We opted for a six footer this year as we have a higher ceiling in our new house than the old and it looks rather splendid.

We have managed to keep Dustin away from the tree as much as possible. In fact he hasn’t been that interested in it which I find quite hard to believe. I had visions of him climbing up it or knocking it over but so far, so good. He has taken a fancy to sleeping underneath it which is rather cute.

Outdoor Entertainment

I have continued meeting friends sensibly outdoors for teas, coffees, cakes and walks. There may have even been a cheeky Saturday afternoon tinny situation with my lovely friend Alex who I hadn’t seen for months. It was freezing cold and it may have started pouring with rain at one point but it didn’t dampen our enthusiasm. I guess the wine blanket may have helped a little, Oh, and the yummy buns from Eat My Food.

Strictly Come Dancing

I can’t tell you how happy I was to see Bill Bailey lift the glitter ball trophy! I have been following his development through the series and couldn’t have been happier for him. Plus, I do love Oti. She’s a fabulous dancer and her teaching skills must be off the chart as she has now won the competition two years running. I am so thankful to the Strictly Come Dancing team for sacrificing seeing their loved ones in order for the show to go on. Strictly is in my opinion the only thing on TV that I never want to miss. It lifts my spirits no end each week. What will I do with my Saturday nights now it’s all over?

A Little Bit of Festive Cheer

I have to share with you a couple of pictures of my favourite pooch in her Christmas jumper. Mabel couldn’t be any cuter and I know these pictures will lift even the darkest mood. I hope they bring a little joy to you in these strange times.

So, with 4 days until the big day, I will wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I know it’s going to be a little weird for many of us but let’s try to make the best of it. Don’t forget to look out for your neighbours and reach out to those that may be suffering loneliness. There will be more people than normal spending time alone this year and a little wave across the street, a few words or even dropping over a care package may just make all the difference.

If you want to follow my Christmas festivities don’t forget to seek me out on Instagram. I will be sharing all of my foodie ideas with you on my stories.

Once again, have a very Merry Christmas and I will write again soon.

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