Lunch at The Old Firehouse

Steve’s mum, dad and brother came to Exeter in the week to celebrate Steve’s birthday. We went to our very local pub The Old Firehouse. It’s probably less than a ten minute walk from our house which is perfect.

After a little bit of kitten love between Steve’s mum, Bridget and his brother, Simon we walked the short walk to the pub. We arrived and it was already busy but managed to get the last table downstairs in the bar area. They had two rather hearty specials on.. Fish curry with rice and a poppadom or turkey and ham pie with chips and peas. Steve and I went for the curry and Simon and Les, Steve’s dad had the pie. Bridget had a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich. All arrived pretty quickly and beautifully presented. The service is generally very good in there. It’s a great place for a cheap meal that is of high quality made with local ingredients where possible.(The pie,chips and peas was on the menu for £6.00 and the curry was £6.50.) I would highly recommend The Old Firehouse for food. The menu is hearty.. Jacket potatoes, burgers, sandwiches, lasagne, sausage and mash.. That type of thing..they also cater for vegans and vegetarians which is great. They have the biggest selection of ales and ciders in town. Mostly from local breweries. The ‘ale of the day’ is a very reasonable £2.50. Simon even tried a mango cider! It was pretty good if not on the slightly sweet side. From about 8pm in the evening (earlier on a Sunday) they do fabulous pizzas that are ginormous. You can have a night out as a couple and have a pizza and a bottle of house wine for about £17.00… Such a bargain.

Don’t be frightened of The Old Firehouse. They really do have a mixed clientele. Families, students, couples and older folk. It’s rather nice that they don’t just cater for one “type” of person. Give it a go.. It’s a great place if you love a great pint of ale like Steve or a pint of cider like Simon but also people like me.. Someone who enjoys good quality food in a nice and rustic environment. I will be back soon for more of the same!

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