Magdalen Road – Exeter

Magdalen Road, Exeter

Magdalen Road is one of the few roads in Exeter with a predominately independent shopping scene. You can get pretty much anything there from a ukulele to bright pink rhubarb. It’s a real gem of a street and only a ten-minute walk from Exeter’s city centre. I think many people visiting Exeter don’t know it exists and I should imagine that might be the case with some of Exeter’s permanent residents also!

I would urge anyone visiting the city to take that short walk from the centre and check out what Magdalen Road has to offer. There’s a fishmonger, bakery, greengrocer, farm shop and a deli. Nestling in and amongst these amazing foodie shops there are two very differently styled cafes. Cafe Magdalen and Uprising Bakehouse, plus a fabulous burger joint, Meat 59 (read my review here), a tapas restaurant, Cafe Catalan (read a rather old review here! I really must visit again), and some rather wonderful gift shops. This is but the tip of the iceberg really. If you need a florist you have one. If you want some beauty treatments you can and if you want ukulele lessons there is a man! This is why I love visiting Magdalen Road.

A quick whistle stop visit one Thursday morning took me to The Grocer On The Green. I was in a mission to pick up blood oranges but got waylaid by the fabulous local rhubarb and mushrooms! Dan, the proprietor is such a gent and knows most of his cliental by name including myself I am proud to say. His veggie knowledge knows no bounds and he is passionate about his beautiful produce, and rightly so!

Next stop on my Magdalen Road tour was Ben’s Farm shop. A relatively new but great addition to the shops on Magdalen Road. Not only can you pick up locally produced veg, dairy and baked goods, but they have a well stocked butcher too.

The deli on Magdalen Road, Bon Gout Delicatessen has been established for as long as I can remember. Not only is Bon Gout the go to cheese shop in Exeter, it has the most amazing deli counter filled to bursting with olives, cured meats, dips as well as a fully stocked larder section. I just love this shop and I go into complete foodie euphoria every time I visit!

For coffee and cake stop at Uprising Bakehouse. A great place to chow down on yummy cakes, drink coffee or even pick up your daily loaf. If you want to know more about Uprising Bakehouse then check out my blogpost here.

For gifts I really like Leela. An ethical clothing, homewares and gift shop full of lovely goodies. The perfect stop off for a present buying session or just to browse. There are so many beautiful items on offer. Do check out their website if you can’t get over to Magdalen Road in person.

Now you know why you must pop over to Magdalen Road if you ever find yourself in Exeter and if you don’t then check out the websites of the shops I have mentioned. Please do check out the other establishments too. They all have real charm and character. Most of the shops will mail order stuff out to you where possible.

With places to stop off for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner you won’t go hungry. Plus there is an alright pub, although part of a chain, for those that are feeling thirsty. So, you really could hang out in Magdalen Road all day!

Many thanks to Angel Wade for her beautiful photographs.

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