My week in pictures

I met my lovely friend Emma after work on Sunday. She popped over to the house for a spot of tea and homemade flapjack. We were brainstorming ideas for a possible afternoon tea “club”.. Like a supper club but afternoon tea.. Finger sandwiches, scones and other sweet treats will be on the menu. We came up with loads of ideas and have put the wheels in motion to organise the first one at the beginning of December. It is a very exciting idea for the both of us. I will concentrate on the food side of things and Emma will work on the styling. Fingers crossed that we can pull it off in time! 

I was home alone over the weekend.. Well apart from the five cats!! I decided on an easy supper of roasted veggies, salads and homemade houmous. I almost had a heart attack when I opened my avocado and it was almost perfect! How often does that happen? Happy days..


Steve and I had to make the hardest decision on Monday to let miss Marple go to sleep forever. She had been really poorly for about three months. We had done everything that we possibly could to make her remaining life a little easier once her diagnosis was made. Over the weekend she really started to fade and it was a struggle to get her to eat or drink. I tried tempting her with pilchards and tuna but nothing seemed to work. I could see in her eyes that she was struggling and feeling so poorly that I couldn’t prolong her illness any longer. We both know that the decision was the right one but it doesn’t make it any easier. She will be sorely missed and I feel a little part of my heart is broken not having her fluffy face greet me every morning.

As a memento to remind me of Miss Marple I got myself a little brooch by Des Petits Hauts. A sparkly golden cat… Just purrfect! (Excuse the pun) I had seen it in Lorna Ruby and had wanted it for a while but now seemed the right time to buy it. Every time I wear it I can think of my “fluffy ginger”.

Emma and I met up again in the week for a cup of tea. We wanted to try the refectory cafe at Exeter Cathedral. The cafe is set in one of the cathedral buildings just to the right of the main entrance. It is beautiful inside with stained glass windows and incredible stone carvings on the ceiling. The setting couldn’t be any more impressive. The cafe is a little basic but Emma and I shared a pretty decent pot of tea and nattered about poor old Miss Marple to our new venture and everything else in between.

I popped down to Topsham with my friend Emma (Garnet!). We hopped in her car and drove the ten minutes down the road to picturesque Topsham. We fancied a walk around the Goat Walk which is a simple route alongside the Exe Estuary. It’s beautiful there. A real sun trap.  

We carried on walking up through Topsham and found a cafe called simply “The Cafe”to have a cup of tea and a slice of cake. I had a slice of almond and orange cake and Emma had a slice of lime and coconut. Both were moist and delicious and probably a little on the large side for a slice but we persevered.. Like you do! I have to say I was glad we had walked a little bit first as I felt like I needed to get rid of the calories I was consuming somehow!

On Thursday evening my friend Cat came over for a bite to eat. I had made a selection of salads and some of the best houmous I had made in a long time! The first salad was a herbed pearl barley salad with homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers.. Lovely. The second was a Stilton and pear salad with pears from Steve’s mum and dads pear tree. Then I roasted some sweet potatoes and parsnips with paprika.

Cat brought some rather delicious mixed berries over and some thick natural yoghurt for dessert. We drizzled maple syrup over the top.. Simple but so tasty.

Cat and I had a lovely evening catching up over a glass of wine. We also organised a little trip to The Riverford Field Kitchen at the end of the month with a couple of our other friends. I can’t wait. I have wanted to go for quite some time now so watch this space for a little review!

Have a great week everybody. The weather might have turned for the worse this week but the autumnal chill is quite welcome. I do enjoy this time of the year.


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