My week in pictures

What a busy week it has been. It was Steve’s birthday which lasted about three days! We had a lovely time visiting lots of nice foodie places and spending time together and with friends.

Steve , Alex and myself visited the Fat Pig on Friday evening for dinner. We had a lovely time celebrating Steve’s birthday. I was teaching the following day with a very early start so didn’t stay out late. I left Alex and Steve to it and was in bed by ten so I could function at work and teach for the seven hours or so without feeling dreadful. I heard later on that Steve and Alex rolled in at about 2.30am! I was up at 5am ready to start my day!

Our food was pretty good and there will be a full review to follow soon. Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite!

Like I said previously I was teaching all day on the Saturday so left Steve and Alex to recover slowly for my return.

I took this picture of some of my students ballet shoes as they changed for their pointe work class. I thought they all looked so lovely resting on the windowsill.

Once home from teaching I met up with Steve and Alex for phase two of the birthday celebrations. I got myself all dolled up ready for a night at the Hour Glass. My all time favourite pub in Exeter. Again there will be a full review at some point in the near future but I would just like to say I didn’t want my meal to end. It was so yummy! I had a starter as my main. Chargrilled leeks with a boiled egg and romesco sauce.. It doesn’t sound like much but it was pure heaven. I had the heritage tomato salad as a side dish and was in my absolute foodie element! The tomatoes were perfectly ripe and seasoned to perfection. So, so good!

I definately need to find a recipe for romesco sauce and recreate this as soon as possible. AMAZING!

Phase three of the birthday celebrations were at Killerton House. I say phase three as it was the third day of fun but I think this was really more for me than Steve! We hopped in the car and drove the twenty minutes to Killerton which is near Broadclyst just on the outskirts of Exeter. They were holding an apple and cider festival. I did some recipes for Killerton a few weeks ago in a previous blog post so I was excited to see where my apples came from. It was a lovely autumnal day so perfect for an afternoon taking in the festival the farmers market and the main house. I had a wonderful time mooching around eating appley food and drinking appley drinks. Steve even tried an apple ale that was brewed with Killerton apples alongside the award winning Killerton cider.

My little tortoiseshell cat Biscotti has been quite elusive this  week. She has been disappearing for long periods and it worries me. I wish she would hang around the house a little more. Ever since Miss Marple passed away she hasn’t been herself. I wonder if she is missing her and notices that she has gone. Hopefully she will come around soon enough and become her normal self again.

Steve got given some Exeter Pounds for his birthday. They were released a few weeks ago to champion spending money with local independent shops. Many places we already visit like the Glorious Art House will take them as payment instead of sterling. You can buy them at The Tourist Information centre and there are multiple exchange points around the city.

I met up with Emma on my day off for a spot of tea and cake. We went to Plant which is a vegetarian cafe on the Cathedral Green in Exeter.

We both decided on the vegan and refined sugar free chocolate and banana bread and tea.. For a cake that doesn’t have the traditional baking ingredients like eggs, butter and sugar I don’t know how they make it tastes so blimmin’ good!

We also popped into the Glorious Art House. As I had a little wait before my hair appointment. It’s always lovely in there!

Have a wonderful week everybody.

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