My Week In Pictures 2/16

My week this week started with a trip to Topsham with Steve. We were hoping to get the train but there were rail replacements.. Boo! We weren’t going to let it phase us and hopped on the rather luxurious coach that was put on for us.. Things were looking up!! The sun was shining too which was so uplifting.

We arrived just before lunch and tootled down to the quay and then on to the rather picturesque “Goat Walk”. Steve finally had the chance to get his swish camera out and take a few pictures.

We made our way over to the Bridge Inn.. A real treasure and the only pub to proudly say that the Queen has visited! On Sunday’s they quite often have impromptu jam sessions in their back room called the malt house. This Sunday was no exception.. We sat and listened to the group of musicians for a couple of hours lost in the music. It was my highlight of the day.

From the Bridge Inn we continued our walk towards Darts Farm. Darts Farm is a large award winning farm shop on the outskirts of Topsham. They sell all sorts of wonderful things.. The food market is particularly good. There is a fabulous delicatessen with the most amazing selection of cheeses, cold meats and antipasti.. A well stocked butchers, greengrocers… You name it, they have it. They also have two cafes and a fish shed where they do the most wonderful fish and chips.. All locally caught. You could spend the best part of the day there if you were in the mood. Steve wanted to pick up some ales and was excited to find the ales from Black Tor Brewery that he had loved from our New Year’s Eve outing at the Hour Glass. He was drawn to the Dartmoor pale ale.. I will let you know what he thinks when he try’s it.

Our last point of call was The Pig and Pallet. A new bar/deli/cafe run by The Good Game folks. I am eager to return one evening and try out the menu.. American style burgers, fries and mac ‘n’ cheese! It all looked extremely yummy. Watch this space for a future review.

My mid-week day off wasn’t really a day off this week. I have an upcoming dance show that I choreograph and produce alongside my dance teacher colleagues. I needed to meet up with Suzie to talk music and costumes so I hopped on a bus to Exminster to talk sequins and tutus!

Before that though I managed to race down to the farmers market to pick up some of the Almond Thief Bakery’s wonderful sourdough and some of their seeded loaf made with all kinds of yummyness. It looked to good to leave behind on their stall! Whilst whizzing down there I went past the cathedral looking rather lovely in the early morning light.

From the farmers market I had arranged a little tea date with Steve. I had half an hour before my bus and managed to make time for a cuppa and share a slice of cake .. A lovely morning treat!

I have some lovely things lined up for next week and can’t wait to share them with you. In the mean time have a lovely week. Do you think it will snow?? Eeeek!

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