Powderham Food Festival – A Foodie’s Delight!

Powderham Food Festival

I visited Powderham Food Festival last Sunday with Steve and my stepdad Tim. We were blessed with warm sunshine and bright blue skies and views out over the River Exe. It certainly couldn’t have been a better day. The festival is now in its fifth year and going from strength to strength.

We arrived at the festival around noon and it was already buzzing with foodies and families looking for some new food inspiration. Plenty of stalls with artisans and producers selling their wares to take home alongside food stalls producing delicious food to eat there and then.

We decided on having a mooch around to survey the scene before deciding on what to eat and drink. There was so much choice. Food recipes from all over the world in the most part made with local produce. Barbecued meats galore, supreme hot dogs, pizzas, curries, paella and even a stall selling vegan food to name but a few. Many local breweries were selling their specially crafted ales and ciders so we were spoilt for choice. In the end Steve and Tim opted for a gloriously over stuffed hotdog called the Reuben made by Grandpa Franks. A hot dog layered with pastrami, sliced gherkins and American cheese that was melted with a blow torch in front of our eyes. It was quite a spectacle. I fancied something hearty so I opted for the vegan bean chilli served with brown rice. It was delicious and just what I needed. Tim and I washed our lunch down with a locally made cider and Steve opted for a locally made lager style beer. We sat on the grass overlooking the festival taking in all the sights and sounds whilst basking in the early autumn sunshine.

After lunch we pottered around the producers stalls picking up goodies and sampling as we went. Looking ahead to Christmas I purchased a handmade Christmas pudding made by a small family business called Figgys based right here in Devon. That will be perfect for dessert on Christmas Day with a big dollop of clotted cream. Still thinking of Christmas I tried some of the most delicious pickles and mustards from The Ginger Beard Preserves who make all their preserves in Montpellier in Bristol. Having made a huge batch of tomato chutney a few weeks ago from my Shillingford Organics haul I felt that I should try something that I perhaps wouldn’t make at home. I settled on the morroccan style lime pickle in the end after tasting numerous mustards too. It will be perfect with cheeses and cold cuts at Christmas – if it lasts that long!

I picked up some apple and cinnamon jelly from Louise’s Larder. Louise said it was lovely on crumpets and muffins but also over ice cream or if you felt that way inclined you could use it when you make your Christmas ham. I loved the gentle warmth of the cinnamon. It’s one of my favourite ingredients in both sweet and savoury cooking.

I purchased some extra virgin, unfiltered,cold pressed organic Greek olive oil too from a lovely lady.  This delicious oil is produced by her friend Nikos in a small coastal town in the Peloponese. I tried it and it immediately brought back memories of my holiday back in July. I just had to buy it…the flavour was immense. It will be used as my absolute best oil. Perfect for dipping wonderful bread and drizzling on salads. Christiana, the lady I spoke to on the stall, said that she takes a spoonful every morning with a few drops of oregano essential oil to fight off infections and the dreaded colds and bugs that seem to come out to say “hello” at this time of the year. I am tempted to take her up on her idea. Especially as I know now that she will deliver in Exeter. Fantastic! If you want to know more about this oil email Christiana at [email protected] or check out their Facebook page.

I also bought some fudge by Suzy Sweet Tooth. I purchased the chilli, baileys and peanut butter flavours. I was hoping that I could use it as stocking fillers but after checking the dates they run out in November. I guess it’s made with butter and cream so that makes sense.

I discovered an old couple who were selling traditional cider and cider vinager. Steve and I took a glass of cider to walk around with and drink but I couldn’t leave without having some of the organic cider vinager. Such a fab ingredient. I use apple cider vinager everyday in my salad dressings and also in my baking. It is an essential ingredient in my banana loaf.

As well as the food stalls and sellers there was also food demonstrations in various tents. Exeter Cookery School were there heading up demonstrations with the wonderful Emma Parkin from my local bakery Emma’s Bread at The Real Food Store

The whole day couldn’t have been a better one in all honesty. The right amount of traders with enough space to move without getting put off and annoyed by the other people. The weather was perfect too. There was barely a cloud in the sky and this made what would have been a good time anyway even better. Roll on next year!

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