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My week in pictures

Last week whilst out at Shillingford Organics I was introduced to Tim from Rod and Bens. They have their kitchens at the farm in one of the buildings. I didn’t know they were there so it was an added bonus when Tim asked if I would like to take a look around. I jumped at the chance and popped on a blue hair net and an overcoat then off I went!

For those of you that don’t know, Rod and Ben’s are a local business that create wonderful organic soups, dips, pasta sauces and meal pots. All produced using wonderful organic produce that is grown from seed on their own farm. How great is that? Beautiful homegrown veggies made into wholesome soups and the like. What they can’t produce themselves they source from other organic producers that share their own high standards.

Tim took me on a tour of their kitchens where all the magic is made. Two of the biggest cooking pots I have ever seen with the most wonderful aromas filling the room. When I asked what was cooking I was shown a delicious mushroom soup bubbling away and the start of a roast chicken soup. The mushroom soup was also smelling particularly good!

On leaving the kitchen we moved on to the production line where a pea and mint soup was being put into pots ready for labelling and chilling in the massive fridges. The bright green of the pea and mint soup was very enticing indeed. 

From here we moved into the cold store so I could see most of their range labelled and ready to go. A wonderful selection ready to make their way to a shop or cafe near you. Rod and Ben’s also supply cafes and restaurants. I even noticed some labelled and ready to go to my friends at the Exploding Bakery!

Since leaving I have tried a range of their dips with the butterbean and chive being a personal favourite of mine. The chunky texture was reminiscent of my own homemade dips. I think this certainly sets them apart from other dips in the chiller cabinets at your local supermarket.

I am working my way through some of the more popular soups too with the Smoked Haddock Chowder being a winner in my household.

You can find Rod and Ben’s soups plus other yummy bits at The Real Food Store as well as Waitrose and other larger supermarkets. You can also order online via their website.

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