Spiced Chickpea And Spinach Stew

Spiced chickpea and spinach stew

This recipe was inspired by my Shillingford veg box. I wanted a delicious meal that was hearty and flavoursome. This hit the spot! Obviously alongside the onions and spinach from my box there are plenty of larder items in this recipe. It’s always a good idea to keep a well stocked larder. I generally have plenty of tins of tomatoes and various pulses because they are cheap and bulk up many a meal. Herbs and spices are always good to have in your larder because they create depth of flavour. If you had an abundance of tomatoes you could always use fresh. I had some in my veg box but not enough for the recipe so they got substituted for a larder essential.

Spiced Chickpea And Spinach Stew
Serves 4
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Cook Time
10 min
Total Time
30 min
Cook Time
10 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. 2 tbsp / 30 ml oil (I used rapeseed oil)
  2. 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  3. 1 medium red onion, finely chopped
  4. 3 tsp cumin (ground)
  5. 1½ tsp smoked paprika (ground)
  6. ¼-½ tsp cayenne pepper or hot chilli powder
  7. ½ tsp salt
  8. 2-3 tsp brown sugar
  9. black pepper, to taste
  10. 2 x 400 g tins of peeled plum tomatoes
  11. 1 tbsp of tomato paste
  12. 1 400g tin of cooked chickpeas
  13. 200 g of spinach
  14. a handful of almond flakes, toasted
  15. cooked rice (I used brown), to serve with
  1. Heat up the oil in a large pan. Add chopped onion and fry on a low heat until almost translucent, stirring from time to time.
  2. Add chopped garlic. Keep on stirring frequently until the onion is translucent and garlic softens completely.
  3. Add all the ground spices to the fried onion and garlic mixture and stir them around well. Fry them off gently for a minute or two stirring the whole time as they burn easily.
  4. Add tomato paste to the pan and stir it into the onion and garlic mixture.
  5. Add the canned chopped tomatoes to the pan, salt and half of the sugar. Let the sauce thicken by simmering it on a low heat with no lid on. Give the sauce a good stir from time to time.
  6. Once the sauce thickens, taste it and season with some black pepper and more sugar if needed.
  7. Stir in cooked chickpeas and let them warm through. Now add in the spinach and place the lid on to let spinach wilt and cook in the steam. Once all warmed through serve with cooked brown rice and sprinkle the toasted almonds over the top. Yummy!
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