Sunday Lunch at The Oddfellows

We arrived at 1pm and ordered some drinks at the bar before we were shown to our table. It was beginning to fill up as we sat down. By the time we had ordered the place was full which is always a good sign. 

Steve plumped for the roast and there was an option to have a “bit of both”. So a slice of topside beef and a slice of pork. Steve couldn’t fault his meal. He said the meat was cooked beautifully. I had the butternut and celeriac Wellington as my main with the same roast veggies that Steve had… Roast potatoes, Savoy cabbage, carrot mash and cauliflower cheese. The vegetables were cooked well. The roast potatoes were crunchy and the other vegetables were cooked to perfection. The Wellington was tasty and well cooked but because the pepper sauce was poured over the top the pastry had gone a bit soggy. Sometimes with a roast I wish that I had just asked for the vegetables. I think that as a vegetarian, sometimes you are over looked slightly. There were two choices for a vegetarian which is great and you could make it vegan by changing from a creamy garlic sauce to a red pepper sauce. Both of the vegetarian options were wellington’s though.. It would have been nice to have another option.. Sometimes you just don’t fancy pastry!

Steve fancied the local cheese board to finish his meal. I on the other hand was pretty full. I hate to be picky as both of the cheeses had wonderful flavour but there were only two. I feel cheese boards should have a choice of three. Perhaps that is just me? There was a lovely mature Cheddar and a creamy Brie but no blue cheese. It might have been nice. 

The service was good although they were fully booked. The food came out pretty promptly after ordering and was piping hot.

The Oddfellows is one of the few pubs that except the Exeter pounds. We used Steve’s birthday Exeter pounds to pay a proportion of the bill which felt nice! The guy who took our bill said they get a payment in Exeter pounds about once or twice a week.


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