The Fat Pig

The Fat Pig is always busy and Friday night was no exception. I had booked a table thankfully as we would have struggled to get a seat and we were planning on eating. We arrived just before 7.30pm and ordered drinks at the bar before heading to our table. Steve always loves the ales that the Fat Pig Brewery produces. There is always something new to try which is exciting if you are an ale drinker. Alex had white wine and I was on tap water as I had to teach early on Saturday morning and couldn’t do it with a hangover. I have been there and done that and never again!

Alex plumped for the beef stew, Steve had a whole smoked rabbit and I had the butternut, beetroot and sage oil risotto.

The Fat Pig is not only a fine brewery but its a smoke house too. They rear their own pigs for slaughter and make all sorts of piggy products. In fact about 90% of the menu at the Fat Pig is piggy or smoked in their own smoke house. I don’t eat meat so it’s not the most veggie friendly place but they always offer a vegetarian choice. I do eat fish which makes it a little easier for me to choose from their menu.

On to the food.. My risotto was very good. It was presented beautifully. The soft orange of the oozing cheesey, butternut risotto was offset by the dark red of the beetroot with leaves nestled on the top. The flavours were very good although I would have preferred it slightly warmer. Alex said she was disappointed with the stew. She said it was good but was expecting so much more. It was billed as a beef and root vegetable stew but it only had a few carrots. I think she was expecting big chunks of parsnips etcetera but they just weren’t there. Steve’s rabbit looked really impressive. A whole smoked rabbit served with chips and a tomato relish. He really enjoyed his meal but found it a bit messy to eat. It needed to be picked up with his hands and nibbled on that way. I guess that rabbit doesn’t have much meat on it so you have to be bone friendly and have a good old suck! The chips were fabulous.. I had to pinch one to try obviously!

To sum up the Fat Pig I would say that it’s a great drinking pub that does pretty decent food. If you like eating foods with your hands (a lot of options on the menu are like this) and getting a little messy it’s a good choice. I think it’s the sort of place that you go to with your chums to have a few ales and an informal meal. The food is good and hearty. Perfect for this time of year.  IMG_6001.JPG

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