My Week In Pictures 31/16

Week in pictures

My week started with an invite to the newly opened Exeter Cookery School. Jim and Lucy Fisher were throwing open their doors for foodies like me to take a sneaky peek inside. What a place… I can’t wait to get myself down there to try out one of their many wonderful courses.

I was in London for a couple of days doing a dance course at the Royal Academy Of Dance. I was studying the new advanced two syllabus so I could take my newly learnt work back to my students for the new term in September. Whilst on the course I stayed with a wonderful couple Linda and Graham along with their menagerie of animals! Sandy, the King Charles Cavallier Spaniel and the unnamed tortoise. There was also the cutest 7 month old cocker spaniel called Nelson who wouldn’t stay still long enough to take a photo!

I also stumbled across a Gail’s Bakery next to the Royal Academy which I was very pleased about. A much welcomed new addition to Vicarage Crescent and the perfect spot for a sneaky pre course hot chocolate or lunch! So many delicious goodies to choose from. I was in my foodie element.

On Wednesday I met up with Dan. We had decided to meet at Exe Coffee Roasters on Heavitree Road. The sister to Devon Coffee which used to be a regular haunt of Dan and I when we worked together nearby. Dan hadn’t been to Exe Coffee Roasters before so it was nice to show him somewhere new. We spent the best part of two hours catching up on each other’s news and organising our next get together. Now we no longer work together we have decide to have regular coffee dates. 

On Thursday I made my weekly pilgrimage to the farmers market to stock up on wonderful bread from The Almond Thief and veggies from Shillingford Organics.

I even had my very own tomato harvest from the plants in my courtyard.. That’s right… Just the one tomato!! I have to say I was pretty proud. There are a few more on the bush so hopefully my haul will increase!

A big “thank you” to Traidecraft. I received three boxes of their Geobars to try and sample… Chocolate, wild apricot and mixed berry. Geobar have been pioneering a global mix of Fairtrade ingredients from around the world for 15 years. Traidecraft are working with farmers to support their business through improved farming practices and training, which will make them better equipped for the future. Using Fairtrade rice from Myanmar and Fairtrade honey from Guatamala and Chile the Geobar has become the UK’s most popular cereal bar.

Next week I am off to sample the delights at The Rum and Crab Shack plus lunch and dinner plans with friends. I have a veg box coming from my friends at Shillingford Organics. I can’t wait to see what’s inside and get creative. There will be lots more recipes coming your way using up the lovely veggies whatever they may be! That’s what I love about veg boxes.. You’re never entirely sure what you are going to get! Have a fabulous week everybody and keep your eyes peeled for lots more posts. Some from my recent travels and others closer to home.

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