A Week In The life – Volume 7

A Week In The life - Volume 7

Lakemoor Alpacas

What can I say about Lakemore Alpacas that I didn’t gush about on Instagram? It was the best day ever and I left feeling like I had had a really great massage. I was so calm and relaxed.

Spending time with the alpacas in the countryside was just the tonic I needed. Thank you to my good friend Emma for organising the outing. It was THE best day I had had in such a long time and I can’t recommend the experience enough.

If you fancy experiencing the alpacas for yourself get in touch with Mark at Lakemoor Alpacas.

Mark put on a very good cream tea for us too with homemade scones, homemade strawberry jam, and lashings of clotted cream. Nothing was skimped on and you won’t leave hungry or thirsty. I loved this part of our experience as it gave us time to reflect on our time at Lakemoor Alpacas as well as a time for Emma and me to catch up properly.

The Ivy

I have had so many people ask me if I have been to The Ivy in Exeter yet. Well, yes I have. My thoughts? I was impressed with the decor, the atmosphere, and the service but my lunch was seriously underwhelming and lacking seasoning, texture, and flavour. I ordered the artichoke salad which seemed to be mostly a plate of mush with a few salad leaves. The mush being a purée of artichoke and some couscous. It was all a bit claggy in my mouth unfortunately and not what I imagined at all. The truffle and Parmesan chips were good may I add. Thank goodness for that is all I can say.

I will give them another chance in a few weeks when I visit with a couple of friends for a belated birthday lunch but as it stands right now I wonder if I will be wasting my money again. At least the wine list is good. Maybe a liquid lunch is on the cards?! Exeter beware!

Cake or Death

In contrast to the aforementioned The Ivy, Cake Or Death is everything I thought it would be. A chocoholics dream destination supplying Exeter with decadent brownies that almost melt in your mouth in a variety of flavour combinations.

It’s not all about the brownies though at Cake Or Death. You can order yourself a coffee supplied by their neighbours, Crankhouse. If you don’t fancy a brownie then there are other options for you. When I visited there were two cookies on the counter as well as a rather gooey-looking chocolate Guinness cake. Cake options change daily and I have since seen the most delicious peanut butter frosted chocolate cupcakes on their Instagram.


I spent the weekend staying with my sister in London. We had a foodie-filled weekend ticking off many places that are on “my list”.

Does anyone else have a list of restaurants, bakeries, and bars they want to visit? I have lists for London, New York, and Paris for when we can travel abroad without restrictions.

We walked miles ticking off places on my list as well as discovering new restaurants and bars using Estella’s book by Rosie Birkett, Eat London Food.


Towpath Cafe

I have wanted to go to Towpath Cafe for so long now. Everything about it appeals to me. It’s close to the water on Regent’s Canal, they serve amazing natural and organic wines, the food is good and served on vintage china, the people who own the cafe and work there are engaging and knowledgeable. Crikey, it’s all good folks. You should go if you get the chance. Aesthetics play a massive part in my foodie experience too and the aesthetics here tick all the boxes. If something is served on a chipped basic as hell plate you might think the food isn’t going to be that good. When something is served on a vintage plate that is specifically chosen to complement the dish that it presents then you know you are on to a winner. It shows care and attention to detail which then follows on into the whole eating and drinking experience. This place is TOP NOTCH!

Fabrique Bakery

Fabrique keeps it simple with a small choice of baked goods and bread. When something is done right it doesn’t need to be messed around with.

Campania And Jones

A great authentic Italian restaurant just off Columbia Road. We discovered this place whilst thumbing through Eat London Food, Estella’s birthday present. It didn’t disappoint.


Perilla was a long time coming for me. I had originally booked to go back in March last year but because of Covid, our plans were instantly quashed. It was great to finally make it there and it was well worth the 18 months wait. The food was that little bit different and the wine list complemented it so well. On top of that, we had great service from the staff who were knowledgeable and courteous.


I can’t write a post documenting last week without touching on the football. We didn’t go out but did venture to Estella’s boyfriend’s friends house. The evening was tense and we all know how it ended.

The racist fallout afterward was really upsetting for me and I have spent this week digesting it all. Racism does not have a place in my world. I grew up in a family that taught me that all lives are equal and all lives are valid regardless of race or the colour of your skin. There are many resources to reach out to for information on anti-racism and my current go-to is Everyday Racism. Natalie and Naomi are anti-racism activists and created Everyday Racism initially on social media to share and amplify the stories of black, indigenous, and other people of colour. Their comments and stories are insightful and may help you weave your way through the terrible news stories that are so prevalent right now as well as educate you on how you can stamp out racism in your own community and beyond.

Next Week

Have a great week everybody but please stay safe. Next week we have another relaxation on our Covid-19 rules in England so we have to be extra vigilant. I shan’t be ditching my mask anytime soon that’s for sure. Keep your distance, keep washing your hands regularly and wear masks in busy places. We have to do our bit. It’s desperately important that we think about others in our community.

I managed to secure a table at the newly opened Cuckoo Taphouse as part of their soft launch so I look forward to sharing that experience with you next week here and live through my Instagram stories. Cuckoo Taphouse is the newest addition to Exeter’s flourishing craft ale scene. You can find Cuckoo Taphouse on Paris Street in Exeter.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any of the companies and restaurants featured. I haven’t been paid to write about them and all my views are my own as always.

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