My October

I like October. I like the golden hues, the pumpkin-spiced everything’s, the chilly starts, the jumpers. What I don’t like is the rain. Crikey, have we had rain? For the first two weeks, it rained cats and dogs. I love that saying. It does make me laugh. I imagine little fluffy cats and wet-nosed dogsRead more

Crane & Kind - Sidmouth

My April

April has to be one of my favourite months. The evenings are noticeably lighter, the weather seems brighter and sometimes we get a bout of bloody good weather. Only sometimes, mind! One day it’s blowing a gale and freezing the tips of my fingers until they go numb. The next I am stripping of theRead more

Spring Forward - Topsham

Spring Forward

Last Saturday the clocks changed. It might have meant one hour less in bed but that’s a small sacrifice to make to have lighter and warmer evenings. To celebrate the change, Steve and I headed down to Topsham. A small picturesque town nestled next to the Exe Estuary, a 10-minute train journey from Exeter. TopshamRead more