Christmas Mincemeat Crumble Bars

It’s that time of the year when mince pies and Christmas cake become the daily snack of choice. I don’t know about you but I love Christmas treats so much. The fruity, slightly boozy indulgence of the mincemeat in mince pies and the buttery pastry gets me feeling festive every time I take a bite.

These Christmas Mincemeat Crumble Bars are an alternative to a regular mince pie and equally delicious. You get the buttery flavour from the shortbread base, the indulgent fruity mincemeat filling and with the addition of ground and flaked almonds into the mixture you get a rather spectacular nutty crumble topping.

In fact, for those who find mince pies a little sweet, you might find these a great replacement without losing the festive flavour. There is far less mincemeat per slice than you might get in a regular shop-bought mince pie. I know for some this might be a head-turner as excessive mincemeat filling can be a little too much.

These Christmas Mincemeat Crumble Bars are delicious served warm with clotted cream for dessert or alongside a cup of tea or coffee. They make a great gifting idea too. In fact, I packaged these bars up individually and wrapped them in ribbon as little gifts for my ballet fitness ladies. They went down a storm!

Christmas Mincemeat Crumble Bars
Serves 12
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Total Time
1 hr
Total Time
1 hr
  1. 300g plain flour
  2. 200g butter at room temperature
  3. 100g ground almonds
  4. 100g caster sugar
  5. 410g jar high quality mincemeat
  6. 50g flaked almonds
  7. Icing sugar for dusting
  1. Preheat oven to gas mark 4 or 180C. Line a 18 x 28cm baking tray with baking parchment.
  2. Tip the flour, sugar, ground almonds, butter and salt into a food processor and pulse until it binds together. Alternatively tip the ingredients into a bowl and rub the bitter and dry ingredients together until combined.
  3. Tip about 3/4 of the mixture onto the baking tray, spread it out and press down firmly so the tray bottom is well covered.
  4. Spread an even layer of the mincemeat over the top.
  5. Mix the flaked almonds with the remaining mixture. Scatter the mixture over the top of the mincemeat and press down lightly.
  6. Bake in the centre of your preheated oven for 45-55 minutes or until the topping is a light golden colour.
  7. Remove the traybake from the oven and leave to cool completely in the tin.
  8. Using the baking parchment, lift the traybake out of the tin onto a cutting board. Dust with icing sugar and cut into 12 slices.
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