Honey And Co

I recently visited Honey and Co ( www.honeysndco.co.uk ) when I visited the big smoke with my boyfriend Steve. Thankfully we had the foresight to book a table as it was packed to the rafters! 

I had been so excited about my visit after reading their wonderful cookbook and following them on Instagram and Twitter. ( @honeyandco ) They cook wonderful Lebanese food that is both tasty and satisfying.

The restaurant itself is small with lots of tables crammed in. It is simply decorated with the the most amazing tiled floor being the highlight. The tables are plainly set with a nifty napkin and clothes peg combo for the knives and forks. ( I am definitely stealing this idea for my next dinner party! )

Now, on to the food. We opted for a set lunch menu although you have the choice of the main menu too. Set lunch was £15.50 for two courses. Steve and I shared a mixed mezze to start. The mezze consisted of the most beautifully smooth houmous with pita bread to dip, pickled carrots ( which I am definitely going to make! ) , olives, marinated aubergine and a tabule salad. All absolutely divine.. The flavours were perfect. I adore nibbley food like that. I had a lovely salad with peas, courgettes, grilled manouri cheese and a lemon and saffron sauce to follow. The salad was fresh and crisp with lovely creamy but yet salty grilled cheese mixed with the grilled courgettes and sweet little peas. The dressing was very lemony but complimented the salad well. Steve had lamb siniya which was spiced lamb and cauliflour with a yoghurt and tahini crust. There was a fresh tomato salad on the side… The tomatoes were so sweet. I had a sneaky taste and I have to say it was so,so tasty. It was pure comfort food.. Yum, yum, yum! 

   We decided that even though desserts were offered and sounded lovely we were too full to have anything else. The people on the table next to us had a kind of chocolate ice cream sandwich thing that almost made me change my mind but we were sensible in the end! Next time!

I would recommend Honey and Co to anyone who loves trying new flavours and enjoys a buzzing atmosphere… The staff are friendly and helpful even though they are so busy.. You have to give this place a go… But remember to book as tables seem to be a rarity!


Enjoy! X

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