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Meat 59, Exeter

I love a good burger and Meat 59 on Magdalen Road didn’t disappoint. As a non meat eater many say “good burger, what do you know about a good burger?” Can I just say that a burger can be more than a meat patty or two! My burger was delicious and expertly named “Boom Boom, Shake The Shroom”. A butter baked portobello mushroom topped with a slice of beef tomato, grilled halloumi, avocado and green pesto. Texturally there was a good amount of bite to it and it didn’t disintegrate like many vegetable/bean based burgers often do. I would definitely give it a big thumbs up. For the non mushroom lovers out there you have another vegetarian option in the form of the “Green Cow”. Based on a family recipe, the crushed butter bean and root vegetable patty is topped with coleslaw, chilli jam and halloumi. How nice is it to have two non meat options as a vegetarian? In many burger joints this is rare so Meat 59 gets a big fat tick in the box on this one.

Steve’s choice was the special burger of the day. The Parisian was a 6oz hamburger patty topped with brie, watercress and slow cooked onions. It got the seal of approval from Steve which is high praise indeed.

Our side dishes didn’t disappoint either. I opted for deliciously crispy sweet potato fries, we shared some of THE best onion rings I had ever eaten and Steve had the dirty fries. For those who are unaware of dirty fries they are French fries topped with beef chilli, grated cheese and jalapeños.

To wash all that down, a great selection of craft ales and ciders are available as well as soft drinks, wine and cocktails. I had a delicious cider infused with chilli and ginger that complimented my “Boom Boom” burger to perfection.

The staff on duty were attentive and friendly even though there was a full house. Great staff set Meat 59 apart from some other burger joints and would highly recommend you check out this little independent gem.

Both Steve and I were full from our main dishes and I have no idea why we ordered a warm chocolate brownie with ice cream to share but I am so glad we did. The brownie was divine. It had the slightly crunchy top that every brownie should have and a dense chocolatey middle. My only critique of the night was the ice cream. It wasn’t a good one which let the side down slightly. With everything else consumed being of the highest quality I would have expected a creamier, more rich ice cream. Thankfully the brownie itself was so tasty that it carried the inferior ice cream.

Meat 59 was created by two passionate foodies, Jenna and brother-in-law Vince. Vince found his flair for the kitchen while working as an apprentice chef in the Army aged 16. Jenna found her passion for food while living in London for six years during the time that the street food scene was really taking off. They often talked about opening a burger joint together and finally decided the time was right in 2014.

Meat 59 create as much in house as they possibly can including the beef chilli that adorned Steve’s dirty fries. Homemade hamburger patties, vegetable patties and sauces add to the personal touch that only an independent business can.

You will find Meat 59 at 29, Magdalen Road, Exeter but they also have a restaurant in Torquay if you are in the area.

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