November Highlights

First Mulled Wine

Hello friends. I can’t quite believe November is nearly over and there are only a few weeks left until Christmas. How is time flying so fast? I guess it’s partly because it’s generally a busy time at this time of year. Work ramps up at this time in preparation for the Christmas break and the social diary starts to fill up with Christmas drinks and parties. Do you feel the same? Before we know it we’ll be putting up the Christmas tree!

It’s been a month since I last filled you in on what’s been going on so I thought it was time to get writing again. Here are my November highlights.

London – The Pineapple Thief

My London trip to see the Pineapple Thief wasn’t strictly in November but the very end of October but I couldn’t not mention it could I?

Firstly I left Devon which is such a rarity these days but secondly and most importantly I got to see Steve perform at the O2 Shepherds Bush Empire. It was their penultimate show in their first European tour since Covid.

The place was rammed. Tim and I loved it as did all the hoards of other fans who turned up. My first foray into a crowded space for what seemed like an eternity.

Whilst in London for the show I managed to stop in at Jolene, Newington Green. A short hop, skip and jump from my sister’s house where we stayed. I am sure I have told you about my “list” before? Well, my list is a list of places, mostly foodie, that I would love to visit. I have one for pretty much everywhere. Even places that I am unlikely to go to again or anytime soon. I love researching and discovering. It’s always good to be prepared right? Jolene was on my London list.

Well, it lived up to my expectations. We ate pastries by candlelight and drank hot chocolates to ward off the cold morning. Why don’t more places serve pastries by candlelight? I know that sounds unusual but it really did feel so special. The candlelight and soft music felt oh so cosy on a rather blustery autumnal morning. I would highly recommend adding Jolene to your list.

Christmas Shopping Prep

I was chatting to a friend the other evening who lives here in Exeter too and she said she rarely ventures off the beaten track into the smaller side streets. I told her she was bonkers because that’s where all the gems are.

I on the other hand spend all my time in the smaller shops and eateries and tend to avoid the busier areas where the bigger “high street” shops are. It’s what I prefer when I am shopping or eating but fully understand that not everyone is the same.

With that in mind, I have been hitting the streets to highlight my favourite independent businesses around the city for you all. Don’t worry if you live further afield. Each of these businesses could post out to you if you give them enough notice in time for Christmas. You know what though? Wherever you live will have the same smaller indie businesses in and around the town or city centre. You should hunt out the indies in your city this weekend. The business owners will love you for it.

I have saved my finds to my favourites on my Instagram. Please do give me a follow over there so you don’t miss out.

Coffee Dates

Coffee dates don’t have to be with others you know. Why not take yourself out for a coffee or hot chocolate? I work opposing hours to most so I do spend quite a lot of time on my own and have no qualms about that. Treat your solo coffee date as a moment to reboot, reflect and plan.

A shoutout to my two current favourite spots. The Press House on Fore Street and Crankhouse just off Fore Street. I love the atmosphere in both of these spots and they are both run by husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend teams. How you guys work together so well and live together amazes me! Kudos!

Salutation Inn – Topsham

It’s been a while since I last had a traditional afternoon tea and this one at The Salutation Inn last week didn’t disappoint.

I love the pomp, circumstance and the ceremony of afternoon tea. It’s a time to slow down and relax. Plus, I got to hang out with a dear and old friend for a couple of hours which in all honesty was much needed.

If you are looking for a delightful way to while away a couple of hours next to an open fire on a chilly November afternoon then get booked in at The Salutation Inn, Topsham for afternoon tea.

First Mulled Wine

The Christmas market is up and running as of last Thursday here in Exeter and runs for a month. I popped along with Steve on Sunday to take a look around and partake in my first mulled wine of the season. Be rude not to.

As always, thank you for stopping by. Keep following me on Instagram for my day to day musings.

I shall be back here again soon. In the meantime have a lovely day.

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