Staverton Bridge Nursery

My week in pictures

What a find… Staverton Bridge Nursery is situated about a five minute drive from Totnes and I think it’s now one of my favourite spots. I don’t know if it was the wonderful views across the River Dart or if it was the company of my dear friend Chloe…. but this place truly is lovely.

It was Chloe’s idea to bring me here as part of my belated birthday treat and I am so glad she did.

From the moment we drove down the driveway towards the car park and I could see the tops of the large greenhouses then I was excited. This place is a fully functional garden nursery with some of the most beautiful plants displayed in the large greenhouses. I think that my boyfriend Steve would be in plant heaven here! I will have to return and bring him with me won’t I?

I, on the other hand, was in foodie heaven when we made our way to the cafe. We sat out in the courtyard overlooking the River Dart with the sound of the South Devon Railway steam trains chugging along in the distance. I almost felt like I was back in time for a moment. The menu was simple but delicious. Chloe and I found it hard to choose but we ended up deciding to get a few dishes and share. We got the small griddled peach and organic buffalo mozzarella salad and the small roasted red onion, cherry tomatoes, green and broad beans, pickled fennel with salad leaves and seed crackers. To go alongside we ordered a flatbread and houmous. The flavours were a delight and so fresh. Perfect alfresco dining food made all the better as the sun was shining.

Chloe and I had a good gossip whilst enjoying every bite. I didn’t want it to end…

When it did finally end we ordered tea and coffee to finish off our meal. My tea was served in the most beautiful vintage cup and saucer plus the cutest tea strainer that I totally fell in love with!

We spent a really enjoyable couple of hours at Staverton Bridge nursery and can’t wait to have the opportunity to return. I definitely need to sample more of the yummy menu.

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