The Secret Garden Cafe – Exeter

There are many places I have discovered during my lockdown walks including hopefully my new home! (eek!). I have walked and walked and walked every day uncovering new places that I simply wouldn’t have known existed if we hadn’t have been confined to home pretty much for the last 4 months.

The Secret Garden Cafe is situated right at the top of Pennsylvania Road at Hilltop Riding Stables in Exeter. The views are simply stunning out over the city and the rolling green hills of Devon beyond. I was quite blown away in all honesty firstly by the beauty and secondly that I had never been to The Secret Garden Cafe before. In all the years I have lived in Exeter I had never heard of it. I guess that’s how it got its name!

The cafe is a converted horsebox nestled next to the riding school serving light bites, cakes and drinks. All the seating is outside although there are a few tables that that are undercover. The Secret Garden Cafe really is a fair-weather destination but I should imagine if you are wrapped up on a chilly winters day it would be just as delightful. As of today (July 2020) the cafe is open Thursday – Sunday 10am – 4pm.

The menu is simple and understandably so. Everything is prepared in the tiny horse box kitchen. We ordered iced coffee and cake and sat on one of the picnic benches with a view.

The Secret Garden Cafe is a great little spot and well worth the walk. It will take you approximately 25 – 35 minutes depending on speed from the city centre. The walk is all uphill. Of course, you could drive as there is ample parking but then you might miss all of the beauty surrounding you. If you go, be sure to leave me a comment to tell me about your visit.

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    1. Hi Julie, I think the Secret Garden is open Saturdays and Sundays at present. If you hunt out their Facebook page it might have more information. Wish I could help further but like you I was just a visitor. 😊

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