My Week In Pictures 29/16

My week in pictures

It’s been a week of two halves. The first half was spent at home doing normal foodie things and visiting “local to me” foodie venues. The second half has been based in Split, Croatia. A much needed holiday to celebrate the end of term and the start of the summer break.

Let’s start with the first half and my busy Sunday. My Nan and Tim popped over on Sunday morning for tea. I threw open the patio doors to let in the warmth of the sunshine. It finally felt that summer had arrived! I got out my best and biggest teapot from Pip Studios to celebrate. Isn’t it a beauty?

Sunday afternoon I had a date with my chum Sarah. She picked me up in her car and we took a short drive to the coast. Our planned destination was Bumble And Bee in Manor Gardens, Exmouth. 

We arrived to a warm welcome and the best scone selection I think I have ever seen! There were the usual choices like fruit, plain and cheese but these were trumped in originality by “Bounty”. A coconut and chocolate scone plus a honey and lavender scone. I was in scone heaven! My regular readers and followers will know how much I love a cream tea. I think one features every week in “My Week In Pictures” to be honest!

Sarah and I contemplated and deliberated over our scone choices and decided on a single fruit scone cream tea and one of the honey and lavender scones with butter. We thought we could go halves on each and have the best of both worlds. 

We started with the fruit scone and our cream tea. I have to say that the scone was probably the nicest scone I have ever consumed. It was light with the perfect amount of crunch on the outside. Once a dollop of clotted cream and strawberry jam was added then I was in my absolute element. It was heaven.

The honey and lavender scone had the same consistency. Another perfect example of how a scone should be in my opinion. Served with slightly salted butter, the combination of slightly salty and slightly sweet suited me well. There was a beautiful flavour and scent coming from the lavender also. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon tea as did Sarah. We caught up on all our most recent gossip eating wonderful scones with an old school brass band playing in the distance. It felt like a proper Sunday afternoon in a seaside town.

After our afternoon tea we decided on a short walk to look at the sea before heading back to the car. The sun was shining and it really felt like an English summers day. Blue skies and sparkling blue sea. Absolutely stunning…

On Monday afternoon we headed up to Bristol as we had a very early start on Tuesday morning. Our flight to Split, Croatia was scheduled for 6.55am which meant arrival at the airport for 5am. We couldn’t have got there in time from Exeter on public transport so Steve’s friend Aaron and his wife Hayley kindly put us up for the night in their lovely house in the Bedminster area of Bristol.

Monday was one of the hottest days of the English summer so far so we enjoyed a glass of wine in their garden before heading out. Whilst sipping our wine in the intense heat a hot air balloon passed overhead which was a real delight.

We popped out for a bite to eat at a cute pub called The Victoria Park. Situated near the park with the same name and nestled in between victorian townhouses.  Hayley had made the choice to go there because they have a garden and it really was a “dining outside” kind of evening.

We arrived and took a seat in the tiered garden overlooking some fabulous city views. Drinks were ordered and the menu was deliberated over. I went for a starter dish as my main. A heritage tomato and broad bean salad with a side of triple cooked chunky chips. Hayley had the VP burger and the boys both had steak.

It was the perfect start to our holiday. So thank you Aaron and Hayley for having us and for taking us to a great pub. Ps… Those triple cooked chunky chips were amazing!!

Tuesday morning was an early start like I said before. My alarm went off at 4.20am.. Yuk! I don’t think I had slept very well the night before as I was worried I might not wake in time to get to the airport. This is totally ridiculous because I always get up early and oversleeping isn’t in my vocabulary. However I think in these situations panic sets in. Anyway, I showered and packed up my belongings and Steve called an Uber. The taxi arrived and we hot footed it to Bristol airport. Then a few hours later we were in Split, Croatia!

I will be doing a full Croatia post soon and perhaps a few restaurant reviews. In the meantime take a look at a few pictures to whet your whistle.

When I return I have a few foodie events lined up. A trip to Base + Barley and Exeter Cookery School to name a few. I am also lucky enough to be going to Crediton Coffee Company to witness coffee roasting and to try some of their delights. I am excited about that so watch this space. In the meantime keep checking out my Instagram and Facebook pages for more foodie post of Croatia.

Have a good week everybody and enjoy this fabulous weather!

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