My Week In Pictures 37/17

Week in pictures

Have you noticed the shift in temperature this week? We are slowly but surely moving towards autumn. On Sunday I really noticed the chill when I met my friend Emma for a spot of blackberry picking. Obviously blackberries are a traditional English sight in the autumn and with that comes comforting desserts like pies and crumbles. Perfect puds for rainy Sundays. My blackberries are destined for something a bit different though. Blackberry vodka that will be ready to drink during the festive period and turned into wonderful cocktails. Delicious!

Steve has been away for the past two weeks with his band The Pineapple Thief. I have made the most of my free time catching up with friends for coffees, lunches, drinks and dinners. Karin came over on Monday evening and I made cocktails and canapés for us. On Tuesday night I headed over to my friend Gemma’s house for dinner where she made a wonderful Thai green curry. We played with her beautiful dog Dayna and watched Netflix. For breakfast the following morning I was treated to homemade waffles. Lucky me!

On Thursday I met up with Viki for lunch at The Dinosaur Cafe. A cute low key, family run cafe serving Turkish cuisine. It had been two years since my last visit which I could quite believe as the food is always consistently good. Check out my post here from my visit two years ago!

As you read this, I will be on the train to Bristol to meet up with my friend Alex for the day followed by The Pineapple Thief at the Bierkeller. It’s the final night of the tour so Steve will be heading home the following day. I wonder what stories he will have to tell about his travels?

You can catch up on my day to day musings through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Have a fab week everyone.

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