A Few Favourite Things 

Matcha Green Tea Porridge


I can’t get enough of Matcha Green Tea right now. I am drinking Matcha lattes, smoothies and eating it in cakes, pancakes and even porridge. I love the way it turns everything it graces to a wonderful Kermit The Frog green, not to mention the numerous health benefits.


Where would we be in this world without friends? They give us support, love and laughter. I can’t imagine my life without mine… when I am feeling low they pull me right back up. When I need support they are there right beside me. I am a very lucky girl.


I love getting out and about in nature. I am fortunate where I live because I have the beach 30 minutes away and the moors about the same. Closer than that though and within easy walking distance are the grounds at Exeter University which are wonderful. I can be wondering the grounds taking in my surroundings spying on the birds and rabbits within 15 minutes of leaving my front door. I could happily wonder through the trees everyday.


I look forward to days when I have guests. It can be for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, supper, overnight or a combination of the lot. I love planning and preparing meals, cleaning the house and preparing table settings. I am sure my passion for entertaining comes from my aunt. She has a passion for cooking that I am positive has rubbed off on me over the years. I think we both like to bring people together over food. It’s a great way to communicate.


As most of my regular readers will know, I have four cats. All with their own special personalities. Alfie is a softie at heart but can have moments of lashing out when you least expect it. Archie makes me laugh. His expression tells so many stories. Biscotti is quite aloof but very loving on HER terms. Sicily is the baby of the pack. She is a year and a half old and can be a little terror but I adore her!


Yes, I admit it. I AM that crazy cat lady. I just love cats.. wherever I am I can’t help but stop and have a little chat and a stroke with my new found feline chums!

As I finish this post other “Favourite Things” keep popping into my head so I think I might have to do a follow up post to this one. Let me know what you think about me branching away from food a little and venturing into lifestyle blogging. I think it’s important that you get an idea of who I am once in a while and what I enjoy. I hope you agree.

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