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I popped over to Exe Coffee Roasters to see the sister company to Devon Coffee Company in its “finished” state. I say finished loosely because Steve (my friend and owner) still has plenty of things to get on with. He plans to get all of this done on Sundays whilst the shop is closed. Downstairs needs to be finished and kitted out as an overflow for the upstairs cafe. The big roaster is situated down there and will be a the focal point of the room.. It’s ginormous! It took Steve and his friend a whole day to get it in the back door. They moved it little by little until it was finally in place only to realise that it needed to turn 360 degrees which took another few hours. Painstaking and backbreaking work but worth it as the beast roasts as many beans in one hour that Steve needs to supply Devon Coffee for the week!

The shop opened on Monday and was proving popular with the locals and passing trade. I had been lucky enough to have seen the property months ago when Steve had shown me around the building site that it was. I had to use my imagination to see through the rubble and dust to picture what it would be. Now, in its almost complete state, it didn’t disappoint.. A crisp colour pallet of grey, white, orange and yellow. Very sleek but at the same time cosy with a few scatter cushions thrown here and there. Soft and squidgy seat pads made to order for the benches. No sore bottoms here!

When I arrived it was pretty busy which was great to see. I asked Steve how business had been over the last few days and he seemed pretty chuffed with how everything had gone. It’s always a daunting process when you start a new venture.. Things go through your head and you wonder if it will work or if people will get the concept. (I feel like that sometimes when I’m planning my Tara’s Busy Kitchen events!)

I sat in what I think was the best seat in the house.. A little booth at the back of the store overlooking Newtown. I ordered myself a hot chocolate and a flapjack. I was then gifted a piece of rather yummy frangipane from Okemoor Bakery. I chatted to Steve for a bit whilst consuming two pieces of cake.. I was pretty full to say the least when I finally put my cake fork down!

Most of the cakes and pastries are made to order especially for Exe Coffee Roasters at Okemoor Bakery. They are based in Okehampton so only a short drive from Exeter. I can vouch for their quality as I used them for my last Tara’s Busy Kitchen Presents Afternoon tea event. Top notch stuff for a top notch coffee shop and roasters. Good work Steve! I look forward to seeing the little tweeks you make over the coming Sunday’s as I plan to be back very soon.

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