Fat Cap and Brisket at The Toll Bar, Fowey

Steve and I visited Fat Cap and Brisket on a busy Tuesday night during the half term holidays. After doing a little bit of research on the restaurants and pubs in Fowey this came out top of places that I wanted to visit. The menu looked enticing plus they try and source most of their ingredients as locally as possible. I happened to notice that they served Camel Valley wine too and I really wanted to have a glass before I returned home. I am a firm believer in shopping locally and supporting local growers, farmers and artisans. I do this when I travel too. I want to sample local produce that is fresh and tasty on my plate. Fat Cap and Brisket was the only bar or restaurant that I visited that stocked a local wine and at £12.00 a glass it wasn’t cheap but it was something I really wanted to try. We had booked a table for 8.30 and arrived a little early. The staff were very accommodating and showed us out onto the terrace where we could have a drink and peruse the menu. There were lots of yummy dishes that made it difficult to choose but after careful deliberation I went for the Fowey mussels. I love shellfish and the fact they had just hopped out of the water and onto my plate pleased me. Steve went for the wild boar curry. Something that you don’t see very often which I think enticed him to try. We asked our lovely waitress if the wild boar was local too and she said it was from Devon. We retorted “so are we” and the decision was finalised. Wild boar curry it was and from Devon none the less. I guess that was pretty local.

Our waitress asked if we were happy staying out on the terrace or if we would like to move inside to our reserved table. I didn’t want to go in as the views over the harbour to Polrouen were amazing.  Especially as the sun began to set, but I felt a little nip in the air and new I would regret staying outside once our food had arrived.We relocated to a table in the restaurant that was still busy even though it must have been approaching 9pm. There were a few larger groups dining as well as couples and families. It was a nice mix of clientele and different age groups. The atmosphere created was very relaxing and the soft chilled-out music in the restaurant created a lovely ambience.

Our main courses arrived and were presented beautifully. A big bowl of steaming mussels served in a white wine and garlic sauce. To mop up the lovely juices was a good amount of crusty bread. I also ordered a side salad to have alongside which was full of crisp veggies, nuts and seeds. Every mouthful of my supper was thoroughly enjoyed.

Steve’s wild boar curry was served with rice and flatbread. The curry punched quite a kick which he was happy with. He loves a hot curry when we go to curry houses so it was all good although we think it might have been a bit hot for other people’s tastes. This is by no means a criticism as he loved every morsel and there wasn’t a grain of rice left on his plate at the end. The meat was tender and the flavours were beautiful. Even though it was a hot curry you could still taste all the spices and flavours.

We decided against dessert as the main courses were pretty substantial. I have to say I was tempted as there were lots of yummy puddings on offer.. Bakewell tart (a favourite of mine!), sticky toffee pudding, chocolate fondant and a yummy sounding frozen mixed berries with a hot white chocolate sauce! We decided on coffees to round off our meal instead. I had a small cafetière and Steve had a “Italian Coffee”. A little bit of an indulgence for him before we headed back to our Bed and Breakfast which was conveniently positioned almost directly opposite the restaurant. We both agreed that the ambiance, food, setting and service was second to none. A great asset to the small town of Fowey.

Our bill came to approximately £77.00 for two courses, coffees and drinks. This may seem a lot but don’t forget that my Camel Valley Fizz was £12.00 for the glass and Steve was drinking bottles of ale at at £5/£6. If I remember rightly the main courses averaged at around £15-£18 each.

I would thoroughly recommend Fat Cap and Brisket if you are in Fowey. The terrace has the most amazing views and if you are lucky to be there at sunset, like we were, then it is truly breathtaking. I hope to return to Fowey again and will definitely have this restaurant/bar on my list of places to visit.

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