My Week In Pictures 22/16

My week in pictures

A massive part of my week has been based in Fowey in Cornwall. The weather was fantasic which added to the amazing few days I spent exploring a little bit of Cornwall.

Steve had organised this trip as a birthday present for me and it was just what I needed. A break away from the normal routine in a picturesque town about a 1.5 hour drive from Exeter. I feel so lucky to live in a part of the world that has a vast array of beautiful places. We have some of the best coastlines in the whole of the United Kingdom here in the South West. We are so fortunate.

I had been to Fowey twice before but not for at least a decade. So I was really excited when Steve told me where we were going on our little vacation.

Fowey is situated on the south coast of Cornwall between Looe and Mevagissey. Now a designated site of outstanding natural beauty it reminds me of the small towns I came across when visiting Italy. Most of the town is built up over the hillsides surrounding the harbour with lots of beautiful houses nestled into the hill with the most amazing views. The port of Fowey is still very busy with boats coming and going with China clay for export. There are many boat trips and tours that start and end in Fowey so it really is a perfect spot to stay.

There will be a number of posts and reviews on my time in Fowey so look out for those in the upcoming weeks.

Whilst staying in Fowey, Steve and I got the ferry to Mevagissey. The sea was quite choppy the day we decided to travel so it was a bit of a bumpy ride! It added to the enjoyment though and made most of the travellers on board have a little chuckle as we got splashed with the salty sea water!

Mevagissey is a bustling fishing town with a number of fishing boats still working from the harbour. It’s quite touristy with a number of gift shops, cafes, bars and pubs to entice you in if you so desire.

We arrived at noon and set about exploring the town. It seemed slightly bigger than Fowey but with a similar feel. I would say Fowey has much better eating and drinking establishments though. With this in mind, after our exploration, we decided to get a few nibbley bits to eat on the harbour side. The weather once again was stunning so it seemed wrong to be inside. Our first port of call for a bite to eat was a little bakery. We wanted a pasty as they are traditional in Cornwall. I don’t eat meat so we chose a vegetarian one to share instead. We sat down with our legs dangling over the sea wall and enjoyed watching the world go by whilst enjoying our pasty. 

Whilst sitting here I saw a lady walk by eating a pot of prawns with a cocktail stick. It was then my foodie mission to find out where she had got them from. After a few minutes of asking a few locals we were directed to the other side of the harbour where there was a lady selling the day’s local catches. I asked for a pot of cockles which I drenched in black pepper and vinegar plus a pot of prawns with Marie Rose sauce. A couple of cocktail sticks were stuck in the top and off we went to enjoy our next course!

Whilst in Mevagissey we visited the Model Railway. Steve was particularly keen to go in as he has an interest in old steam trains and the railways. I think he gets it from his dad!

We payed our £4.00 entry fee and in we went. Steve found it really interesting. For me I could appreciate the intricate detailing of the town scenes but my excitement was about 100 times less than Steves!

We stopped at a place called Sharksfin for a drink as it was mighty hot outside. Steve tried a locally brewed lager called Korev and I had a pot of tea. It was nice to sit down for a while and watch the holidaymakers potter through the open windows.

After our short break we stumbled across a fantastic shop selling all kinds of Cornish food and drink goodies. We purchased some Camel Valley wine and some Cornish ales. A few foodie souvenirs to take back to Devon with us.

Have a great week everybody. Look out for my various posts on Fowey too!

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