Let It Be Sunday – My Week In Pictures #2

Let It Be Sunday - My Week In Pictures #2

For me, this week has been made up of two contrasting halves. I am pretty sure that for others based in England right now you may agree with me?

Lockdown 2.0 started at 12.01 am on Thursday morning with many restrictions in place that we haven’t seen since the easing of the first lockdown in May.

This time felt very different. My studio ballet classes continuing until Wednesday evening where last time we cut classes at short notice and I didn’t have the opportunity to say goodbye to my students.

This time I had time to prepare my students for the four weeks ahead which felt reassuring but at the same time, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly sad. All the hard work that my colleagues and I put in to make sure that our venues and studios were Covid secure and that the students in our care were continually safe seemed to have amounted to little. At least we have Zoom! Much used now but something I hadn’t even heard of at the beginning of the first Lockdown back in March. So, that is where you will find me for the next four weeks. In my lounge zooming my little heart out trying to encourage and nurture the students through the screen in front of me.

So, I said it was a week of contrast. How did it contrast? Well obviously I am no longer allowed to teach face to face classes but equally, I can’t see my stepdad and sister together and plans have been jiggled around and cancelled. Of course, these are all temporary things and aren’t going to change my life drastically and in no way can be compared to the heartache of losing a loved one to this terrible disease but it still hurts a little. I just hope that as the government have said numerous times that Lockdown 2.0 does actually end of the 2nd December. I feel that this may not happen right now but who knows. I guess if we all adhere to the rules things will ease up sooner rather than later.

Guy Fawkes Night

This week in the UK we have celebrated Guy Fawkes Night otherwise known as Bonfire Night. Steve and I were due to have family and my friend Serena as guests to watch our first ever at home firework extravaganza but of course, we changed our plans last minute. Tim and Juliet were no longer allowed to visit but as Serena is in our “bubble” she was still able to join us in our celebrations which was lovely.

Steve and I had decided weeks ago to try and put together a little fireworks party. In fact, as soon as we moved to our new house with a garden that backs onto woods we knew we wanted to have an evening of fireworks and food. Growing up, both of our families had always thrown simple fireworks parties with a small box of fireworks, sparklers and traditional Bonfire Night food and we both wanted to recreate that for ourselves. They were always happy memories for us both.

I had been sent some limited edition HECK! Guy Porks sausages to try so I purchased a packet of the HECK! veggie alternative so we could make meaty and meat-free hotdogs to go alongside baked potatoes, beans and coleslaw. I love how HECK! always come up with the festive goods and play on words. It’s so clever. Guy Porks for Guy Fawkes Night and PECK! heart-shaped sausages previously for Valentine’s Day. Get it? Peck instead of HECK – like a “peck on the lips”) I have to say, I do love a foodie gimmick when it’s done so well and HECK! always do it well.

As usual the HECK! team came up trumps (excuse the wording this week of all weeks – well done to Joe Biden by the way!) with these pork and apple sausages with a hint of black treacle. Perfectly festive for this time of year.

Our fireworks were purchased from Aldi at the grand price of £9.99 so we weren’t expecting much but in fairness Steve, Serena and I were pleasantly surprised. There were some that fizzedd rather than popped but all were beautiful with no bangers or rockets insight so rest assured our firework display was a quiet one without harm to any animals welfare. I know that many animals suffer incredible anxiety around this time of year and Steve and I were adamant that our display was to be a quiet one except for our “oohs and ah’s”.

Daily Walks

As in the first Lockdown I have been trying to get out and about walking as much as possible. Thankfully the weather has been fine and dry which has made it much easier to get motivated. If the weather turns I may think differently but as it stands right now you will find me walking when I am not zooming or eating!

My plan is to support a different indie takeaway service each day to help keep our city’s economy ticking along.

Making A Meal Out Of It

I have been making the most of my extra time at home to create delicious meals for Steve and I as well as trialling a new recipe for a gingerbread loaf. Watch this space for that recipe. I think it’s going to be a goodie!

Sherry Week ’20

Being a Sherry lover I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to open a bottle of Fino. Not that I really need an excuse but I guess Sherry isn’t always at the forefront of my mind. I would normally head to the white or rosé wine aisle in my local store so having the reminder of Sherry Week in my diary, yes, it really is in my diary, I picked up a bottle. To nibble alongside, some roasted salted almonds. The perfect pairing.

The Queen’s Gambit

If you are looking for a series to watch over the next 4 weeks, may I recommend The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. A series set during the Cold War era where an orphaned girl struggles in her quest to be the worlds greatest chess player. I admit that doesn’t sound particularly enticing unless you are a chess player but trust me on this. It’s a great short series with a strong female lead. I loved it and hope you might check it out too.

I have no idea what next week will have in store for me other than working through Zoom. I hope the weather stays fair so I can get out and about walking around the beautiful city of Exeter and explore new areas that I haven’t been to before. Don’t forget, in the first lockdown I discovered my new house on a walk in an area that I wasn’t familiar with and I couldn’t be happier being here in lockdown 2.0.

Don’t forget to give me a follow on Instagram for all my daily activities. I love sharing my experiences with you all on there. Until next time stay safe.

Disclaimer; This post contains gifted products from HECK! I only work with brands that I love. I wasn’t paid for posting about them and all my views are my own.

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