LittlePod are a small Devon based company that provide high quality baking ingredients for home cooks and professional chefs alike. They formed their company in 2010 and have been going from strength to strength since. They have managed to get their products into homes, delis, wholesalers, department stores, pubs and patisseries across the land and in some cases further afield.

Their specialty is natural, responsibly sourced vanilla but they also produce high quality chocolate and coffee extract.They love the stuff in all forms. Real vanilla works wonders in sweet and savoury recipes and LittlePods aim is to make it as easy as possible for cooks to make the most out of this wonderful ingredient.

LittlePod were the first company to bring to the market natural vanilla paste in a tube which is the equivalent to 20 vanilla pods and once opened it has a shelf life of 2 years. It is easy to use the real vanilla paste in your everyday cooking but alongside this they offer Madagascan vanilla pods, pure bourbon vanilla extract, pure chocolate extract and pure coffee extract!

The vanilla paste is formulated from Madagascan vanilla pods, seeds and extracts and is gluten free, allergen free, completely vegan and kosher.

The convenience element with the vanilla paste in a squeeze tube is just what every cook wants. It’s quick and easy to add the vanilla to your porridge, smoothies, pancakes, butter icing.. You can use it in all your cakes and desserts or add to your savoury dishes. With the likes of the wonderful chef and one of my personal favourites Yotam Ottolengi endorsing the vanilla paste alongside Michael Caines and the Riverford Field Kitchen you are on to a winner with this product.

Check out my Littlepod porridge recipe with blueberries, honey and real vanilla. A fantastic tasty and wholesome start to your day.

I met up with the Littlepod team at Source trade show. It was great to meet Janet and put a face to a name. She talked me through all of the products that Littlepod produce including their newly launched vanilla icecream. It was totally creamy and perfectly sweet with vanilla. I also had the opportunity to try their vanilla shortbread. I am a massive shortbread fan and I have to say this was extremely good. As I write they are producing vanilla beer which I am really intrigued about. I can’t wait to give that a try.  

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