My August

One Mile Bakery

What a treat to be invited to the One Mile Bakery. I love baking but had never tried making a yeasted loaf before. My bread making efforts have taken the form of flatbreads and soda bread so learning something new excited me. I spent the best part of a day with Boudicca Woodland in her own house learning so many new baking skills, laughing and eating. What a day. To read about my day and to find out more about the One Mile Bakery, Exeter click here.

Lord Poulett Arms

My trip to the Lord Poulett Arms was a long time in the planning. I had visited before for a warming winters eve dinner a couple of years ago but wanted a summer experience. Recently taken over, I was keen to see if there had been any significant changes. To my glee, not any that I could see. The glorious, simple decor remains the same. The menu was still as exciting and the garden still as charming as ever. To see what delights were on offer read my review here.


I was invited along to the newly opened Pho in the Queen Street Dining area of Exeter. Steve and I loved the buzzing atmosphere of this new restaurant offering Vietnamese street food, cocktails, juices, beer and wine. I got to sample my first Pho soup and it didn’t disappoint! Pop on over for delicious and in some cases healthy soups, curries, noodle dishes and salads.

Hotel Du Vin

My friend Chantelle and I spent a wonderfully relaxing afternoon at Hotel Du Vin in the heart of Exeter. We began our afternoon with a swim to build our appetites for their newly launched menu. The sun was shining and it felt positively blissful bobbing around in the warm water. We must have spent the best part of an hour swimming lengths, chatting and relaxing. It was the perfect start to our Hotel Du Vin experience.

After showering and taking advantage of all the gorgeous Ren products on offer we dressed and made ourselves ready for lunch. After choosing a table outside, overlooking the grounds, we perused the menu and ordered cocktails. And why not eh? I went off menu with a Negroni Spagliato which arrived strangely in a flute! I have never seen a Negroni in a flute before but it was delicious none the less. I think I would have preferred it in a tumbler with lots of ice though in all honesty. Chantelle went pretty in pink with a Bellini.

On Sunday’s, Hotel Du Vin offers a set menu for £26.50 per person for three courses. The first course is buffet style where you visit the market table and create your own bespoke starter from the cold meats, smoked fish and salads. We were also offered a delicious mushroom and rosemary soup.

The main course choice is down to you. I went for the Catch of the Day which happened to be one of my favourite fish – skate. It was simply pan cooked and served with green beans and hazelnuts. Chantelle opted for the ratatouille with baked eggs. Both delicious in different ways. My dish a little more refined and Chantelle’s having a brunch vibe. With our main course, we ordered wine. The wine list is extensive at a Hotel Du Vin as you would expect. I was very pleased with my Pinot Blanc from Alsace, France. I will definitely be on the lookout for that again.

Dessert choices again were down to us. I went fruity with the pineapple and mango carpaccio with coconut ice cream and Chantelle went traditionally French with a decadent chocolate mousse with Chantilly cream. Oh my! It was seriously good.

Service on this occasion was very good and surpassed my expectations. In the past, I have found it a little hit and miss. Well done Hotel Du Vin for getting it right this time!

My Bank Holiday

Steve and I dodged the rain with a train journey to Lympstone to stop off at the newly taken over The Globe. I had been invited to the opening but was unable to attend so was eager to take a look at the new food and drinks menu. A great selection of ales and a mostly European wine list made us want to come back as well as the food menu. Lots of lovely sounding fish and meat dishes. Not so great if you are veggie and don’t bother if you are vegan! Although I am sure if you asked, the chef might be able to do something for you! We arrived between food service so we opted for a couple of bags of Burts salt and vinaigrette crisps and a drink.

From Lympstone we walked down to Exmouth via the cycle path. It’s so beautiful down there and the blackberry picking could have been spectacular if only I had a suitable receptacle. You live and learn.

In Exmouth, we stopped in the Grapevine for a drink. It was kiddie heavy and not what I expected to see on a Monday evening. I guess there are still holidaymakers around. Schools haven’t quite gone back yet. Steve loved the ales on offer with some being made on site.

From here we decided we would get some fish and chips from Capels and walk down to the beach to tuck in. I can’t recommend the fish and chips highly enough. Crispy batter and proper thick chips with plenty of salt and vinegar. It was the perfect end to our day before our train home.


I recently discovered Green Cola. Officially the cleanest cola in the UK having just won the FoodTalk Award for Clean Eating. I haven’t been drinking much pop of late due to the horror stories you hear with regards to the ingredients. This cola is free from sugar, aspartame and preservatives and tastes pretty fine on a hot day.

You may remember my uncertainty in “My July” about work over the summer holidays. Well, my friends came up trumps and I ended up with 4 jobs at one point! How crazy is that? I have managed to whittle it down to three as the month of August grows to an end! It’s wonderful that when you shout out and ask for help, friends come up trumps. I am so grateful for that. After all, we should all help each other out in our little community, shouldn’t we? Once the autumn school term restarts and I’m back to ballet, things will even themselves out again. In fact, I will probably be less busy! That makes me giggle. It should have been the other way around.

September brings forth the new ballet term which is exciting. New students, new beginnings and new work to learn. I can’t wait to get started. Blog-wise I will be trying my utmost to continue bigging up our wonderful food community here in the Southwest. There are so many places to visit and try. I have an ever-growing list of places that I can’t wait to explore.

One place I will be visiting very soon is Brickhouse Vineyard. A beautiful venue, house and vineyard on the outskirts of Exeter. Fingers crossed for more of the amazing sunshine that day. It’s going to be a very special trip. I can’t wait to share that with you all.

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