My July

My July

July up until I broke up from ballet was pretty tame. You know the kind of scenario. Get up. Go to work. Eat. Go to bed. That vicious circle of life that we all fall into when we are busy. I guess for me I know that being self employed I have to make hay whilst the sun shines and take on whatever work is offered. I know that the summer holidays are on the horizon and ballet stops for 6 weeks. That being said, it’s definitely not healthy to immerse yourself entirely in work. Everyone needs something to look forward to or a treat every now and then don’t they? I definitely like to know that I have something fun in the diary every month otherwise I go a little crazy. So this month my fun stuff basically started the day I broke up on the 20th. For the last 10 days or so I have managed to fit in some really lovely things. I have even managed to get back in the kitchen and created some new recipes.

Clothes Swap

My friends and I tend to gather a couple of times per year for a clothes swap and sale with the proceeds from donations going to our chosen charity. On the last two occasions we have donated to Cat’s Protection. The UK’s largest feline welfare charity.

We use the swap as an opportunity to update our wardrobes, eat biscuits and drink coffee. With the weather being scorching outside we made THE most delicious iced coffee using Little’s vanilla and hazelnut instant coffee that Will and Caro Little kindly gifted us for the occasion.

Day Tripping

This seems to be a day trip that Steve and I do whenever there is a full day off to be had. Baring in mind I normally teach a few hours everyday, days off are few and far between.

We caught the train to Lympstone where we stopped off for a cuppa at Susannah’s Cafe before purchasing a jar of homemade jam from one of the little cottages opposite The Swan Inn. They operate an honesty box where you leave the appropriate amount through their letterbox for a jar of either jam, chutney or marmalade. I can’t ever go to Lympstone without picking up a jar or two.

From Lympstone we walked to Exmouth where fish and chips alongside an ice Cream is normally on the cards! To have alongside our fish and chips I brought along a jar of pickled seaweed that I had been gifted by Octopus’s Garden. Made with just 4 ingredients, organic seaweed gathered in a marine conservation zone in Northern Ireland, apple cider vinegar, apple juice and grated ginger. It was the perfect accompaniment to my fish and chips. I reckon it would be delicious served alongside a cheese toasty or Asian stir fry too. I love a good foodie discovery. With many health benefits associated with seaweed it is growing in popularity and has been given a superfood status due to the high level of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


I love picnicking and with this fabulous weather of late it has given me plenty of opportunities to get outside to eat. There is something very satisfying about gathering together some tasty morsels, finding a quiet spot and enjoying the company of friends.

First Barbecue of the Year

Continuing with the eating outdoors theme Steve, Tim and I cranked up the barbecue for the first time this year and hopefully not the last. There is something rather special about cooking outdoors isn’t there?


I had fun creating a recipe for Buy Wholefoods Online this month using their beetroot powder. For the recipe click here.

So there you have it for now. My July started slow and then ended with a crescendo of fun stuff. I have no idea what August holds for me as of yet. I need to check my diary! I seem to be living a day to day existence at the moment checking my diary daily to find out where I should be and what I am doing. Does anyone else live like that? Ask me what I am going next weekend and I couldn’t tell you! Let’s just hope that August is a kind month to us all.

Disclaimer: this post contains gifted items. All views are my own and no money was exchanged for my thoughts.

Additional photographs by Chloe Upton

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