My Week In Pictures Lockdown 3.0 Week 8

My Week In Pictures Lockdown 3.0 Week 8

Welcome to week 8 of the third lockdown in the United Kingdom. There is light at the end of the tunnel though. From tomorrow lockdown rules begin to ease meaning that schools can go back and a few weeks after that we can meet up with more than one person socially outdoors. Then in stages that the government have called “the roadmap”, non-essential shops can open alongside cafes, bars and restaurants with outside dining followed a few weeks later with gyms, beauty salons and hairdressers. Most places should be open by the 17th of May. Ironically a day after my birthday. Looks like a second lockdown birthday is afoot for me!

As much as I am really looking forward to seeing people socially and getting back to some kind of normality I am apprehensive understandably. I have got used to this moderated and slower pace of life and I rather enjoy being at home more. Moving forward I do feel that I want to embrace that reduced pace and have a lot of working out in my mind to discover what the best route towards that is. Being able to work from home or remotely is something that I never thought I would be able to do so I feel that is a very liberating thought moving forward.

How do you all feel about the lockdown rules easing? Are you excited, anxious, neither here nor there? I’d be interested to know so please feel free to leave a comment below about this or any other items I feature here within “My Week In Pictures”.

Being Outdoors

Obviously not an awful lot has been going on socially around here but I have met up with a couple of friends this week for hot chocolates and walks. I have met up with my friend Emma for the last few weeks for a bit of light exercise and a hot chocolate.

An hour or two of mooching and chatting is a rather lovely break up in the week from zooming. Fresh air is a wonderful tonic, isn’t it?

I also met up with my friend Polly and her gorgeous pooch, Mabel for a rather lovely and long walk. We chatted non stop for over two hours. What on Earth did we talk about?

Dustin’s First Birthday

It was my youngest cat’s birthday this week. Our lockdown baby turned one. Steve and I celebrated with a version of this Tunisian Orange Cake for us and the animals had some fancy pants cat food for breakfast and supper. Everybody got a treat. The best way to celebrate a birthday.


Spring has officially started here in Devon. The mornings and evenings are lighter which is fabulous and so uplifting emotionally plus you can hear the birds singing and see all the flowers beginning to bloom. It’s rather wonderful.

There have been some wonderful sunsets this week too with the most golden light imaginable.

The Week Coming

Later on today I have my friend and bubble member Serena coming for Sunday lunch. We are going to enjoy fresh pasta with truffles and lobster and drink champagne and English sparkling wine. Yes, it’s all very fancy but, why not? Having these fun things in the diary are a lifeline. Whilst restaurants and bars remain closed we decided that we would make our own restaurant-quality food at home. I look forward to sharing some photos with you next week.

I plan to get out as much as possible in the fresh air this week with my daily walks so really hope the weather remains as good as it has this week. Having the sun on my face this week really has been a tonic.

My Ballet Fit

Last week I mentioned the launch of my new website for my ballet fitness business, My Ballet Fit. A week in, it’s been going so well and the online booking system is working swimmingly. I must say a massive thank you to my other half Steve for building it and getting it functioning online. All feedback has been positive and I couldn’t be more delighted.

If you fancy taking a look or may even want to check out a fun and friendly exercise class then click the link here.

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead and that for those of you with children going back to school this week it all goes smoothly. I am sure there will be some anxieties on both sides but I hope the positivities outweigh them.

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