Split, Croatia

I have decided that I will dedicate this post to my time in Split, Croatia. I spent a week staying in a little Air BnB apartment right in the heart of the old town. Within about 10 minutes walking distance of most of the main sites.

Obviously being a complete and utter foodie I had wanted to try and buy as much local produce as possible during my visit. In true Croatian style I threw myself into market shopping and armed with my trusty “Quicke’s Cheese” shopping bag. I was out at the Green Market most days picking up yummy fresh and local produce for breakfast, lunch and the occasional dinner. Lots of old ladies and gentlemen selling their homegrown produce. They seem to just turn up with whatever they have to sell and hope that the market goers were interested. My main food love abroad is generally tomatoes. They seem to taste so much better grown under the scorching heat of the Mediterranean sun. The flavour somewhat intensifies and I love their irregularity which we seem to have lost in England. Ugly produce is the way forward. It’s the flavour that matters at the end of the day, right?

The fish market was another joy for me. Again, lots of traders selling their produce straight off the boats. It’s a truly wonderful site to see. Local fish that I had never heard of (Dentex) and then the likes of sea bass, sea bream, scorpion fish, conger… and the shell fish and crustaceans were top notch. Not half of what you would pay at home. Take a look at my post on my Culinary Food Tour of Split. You can see what I purchased at the markets and what was made with the ingredients in more detail.

Bread and pastries were another specialty with pekaras (bakeries) on every street corner selling their wares. Loaves of bread in every shape and size alongside sweet and savoury pastries like burek which are filo pastry parcels loaded with either meat, cheese, vegetables, apple.. In fact almost anything. They are an anytime of day snack or meal. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and supper. Sweet treats include cherry strudel and a puff pastry cake that is filled with a custard style filling called kremšnita. Both absolutely delicious. I love finding out about all these wonderful local and regional dishes. When I’m away I try and eat like a local and would never consider going to a Chinese unless I was in China obviously!

I had some wonderful meals out during my stay. Konoba Matejuska being a highlight with the locally caught fish, local Croatian wine and a fresh salad. If you want to know more my full review is here.

Teraca Vidilica was located high on Marjan Hill and the views made it a winner. Although the service was very slow and I think I might have got ill from my octopus salad. Although this is unconfirmed and I made a swift recovery. I guess the less said about that the better!!

Lunch at Diocletian’s Wine House was particularly special as it was part of the Culinary Food Tour. I took all the produce from both the Green Market and the Fish Market there to be cooked by their chef and served to me in the restaurant. Three courses of complete heaven on a plate. Read my full account here.

Konoba Pizzeria Feral was a restaurant local to us serving great food. Amazing value for money and wonderful service. Read my full review here

The wine here has been an eye opener. Every restaurant sells wine only from Croatia and most of it is very good quality and very drinkable. Lots of different grape varieties and blends. All pretty dry but some more fruity than others. The wine I drank for example was like a fruit wine akin to the elderflower flavours of the Lyme Bay Winery back in Devon but others I have had elsewhere are more tart and citrus. I took a tour of a local vineyard to learn a little more about the wine making process and history. Read all about it here

A little nod to the wonderful gelato available. Some of the flavours were completely new to me. Like green fig! A totally delicious new flavour that I am eager to find again!

I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning the cats. I am a huge cat lover and have four of my own! I know it’s not a food related item but it’s part of who I am and my trip so here is a little gallery of the cuties I met along the way.

I hope you have enjoyed my posts on Croatia. The cuisine and quality of food here is amazing. All restaurants use local produce from local farmers and fishermen. Some even grow their own produce which is admirable. The wine is all local too which is fantastic and most are very drinkable. All in all my time spent in Croatia was very memorable and I hope it inspires you to explore new places and cuisines.

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