A Day In The Life

A Day in the Life

I thought I would share with you a day in my life. In the past, up until quite recently actually, I have been guilty of being a bit of a workaholic. Well, maybe that’s a bit strong but I have been known at certain stages in my life to have had 3 jobs on the go! I know! Crazy huh?

Well, to combat my craziness, last month I decided to end the part-time job that I was working alongside my teaching to focus on being freelance. A massive decision but one I needed to take. I found myself becoming quite down and at sometimes angry inside and I needed to sort that out.

Last year I experienced a lot of personal loss that affected me deeply. I think I got to the point where someone asking me “which dress looks better” niggled me so much I really didn’t care. I found myself struggling at work and became disinterested and wanted to withdraw. Thankfully my manager was amazing and helped me through the difficult times. I got to a point where for my mental health and personal wellbeing I decided to leave and focus on the part of my work life that I trained hard for and love.

My main passion in life besides food and cooking has always been ballet. It is the one thing that I do that makes me feel great and takes my mind off whatever horrible or stressful things are happening. Thankfully for me, I have turned my love of ballet into a profession. As a fully qualified and registered Royal Academy of Dance teacher I get to do what I love daily. I feel very fortunate and blessed doing what I do. Not many can say they truly love their jobs, but I can. Especially now as a 100% bonafide freelancer!

A year ago I created additional classes to my repertoire and my Ballet Fitness business was born. I wanted to teach more but teach something a little bit different. I also wanted to add more classes into my day without sacrificing another evening or weekend. The only way to do this was to teach adults. I had always thought since qualifying as a ballet teacher that I didn’t want to teach adults. To be honest, if I was teaching adults pure ballet this might still be true, but my ballet fitness classes are different. It’s not pure classical ballet. I incorporate exercises that dancers like myself do to maintain strength, flexibility and stamina and I love it. I have created 5 ballet fitness classes in Exeter with the scope to grow and I couldn’t be happier. I love my classes and the women that have come together to participate. I question now in hindsight why I didn’t start this years ago.

Now, being completely freelance I have more time. Well, maybe not necessarily more time I suppose, but I can set my hours and work around fun stuff. This means I have a better work-life balance which in turn makes me a happier person. I feel far less stressed. It’s like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

I have opportunities to meet friends for coffee, brunch or lunch that I wouldn’t have been able to do whilst working in retail alongside my teaching. It feels wonderful to have this sense of freedom.

A day for me normally starts with a ballet fitness class in the morning followed by a break for a few hours before continuing teaching in the afternoon when schools finish for the day.

Once my first class of the day is finished, I like to head into town to catch up with friends for coffee or a bite to eat before heading back to work. Chatting with my chums over a delicious beetroot latte and a slice of cake has got to be up there in an all-time favourite activity of mine!

To take me from class to coffee date I have recently discovered a range of organic cotton activewear in Sancho’s on Fore Street in Exeter. It enables me to head out straight from class without worrying about changing. For those that don’t know much about organic cotton, in simple terms the production avoids harmful chemical pesticides and fertilisers leaching into the earth which enables cotton farmers to protect their environment. This organic cotton activewear is the kind of activewear that I would happily wear even if I wasn’t dancing. It’s beautifully made, breathable and above all comfortable to move in.

After class, the bodysuit I am wearing in the images above is easily dressed up with a snuggly knit, some jewellery and a jacket to create a completely different look altogether.

I like my clothing to be multi-functioning so would highly recommend checking out The People Tree range of organic cotton activewear at Sancho’s. If you are going to spend money on something make it versatile so you can wear it for every aspect of your life and daily routine. I for one am now a convert to this beautifully soft organic cotton range.

Coffee shop date done, beetroot latte finished and cake consumed, I normally head off for phase two of my working day. This is not before a quick rummage in my ballet bag for one of my Date & Nut Energy Balls. These little spheres give me the boost I need before classes recommence. They are the perfect little snack to have in your handbag for when hunger hits. They take moments to make and are way better than shop-bought snack bars. For the recipe click here.

Reenergised, I am ready to hit the studio again. Another quick change and I am good to go. So, there you have it. A little snippet at what I get up to on a day to day basis. I am one lucky lady to be doing what I love and getting paid for it.

What I am wearing

Jacket – Sancho’s

Jewellery – Cabinet Jewellery

Jeans and cardigan – Lorna Ruby

Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted the bodysuit by Sancho’s on Fore Street, Exeter. I was not paid for this post and all views are my own as always.

Photographs – Cabinet Jewellery and edited by Chloe Upton Studios

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