Cafe Espresso

What a lovely time I spent in Cafe Espresso this morning. The staff and the patrons seem to be on very friendly terms. Lots of chatter and banter between the counter and the tables.. It’s kind of nice. I stopped by for a much needed hot choccie. The weather has been atrocious today.. Rain, rain and more blimmin’ rain! I have reverted back to winter wear as the chilly 14 degrees on the thermometer doesn’t justify pulling on a sun dress first thing in the morning!

Like I said, I opted for the hot chocolate.. ” let’s make it a large one ” I said! I had been soaked through by all the passing traffic splashing the water from the rivers of rain running down the sides of the street. Why oh why don’t drivers realise that they are doing it?? Grrrrrr.. 

Anyway, the hot chocolate sorted me out. The girl who made my drink was so lovely. She understood my pain and placed the chocolate delight in front of me. In fact it inspired her to make a mocha ( a hot chocolate and coffee combined )for herself in the process!

The hot chocolate was divine.. Good quality chocolate mixed with steamed milk.. Yum!

I don’t often visit Cafe Espresso.. Not because it isn’t good because it is, but because I forget it’s there. I will put it back on my radar.. It was just what I needed!

   A view from my table with the menu. There is more seating upstairs. I think it is probably better up there.
A rather wet view from outside the door. They normally have a bit of outdoor seating.. But not on a day like today!


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