Sunday Lunch At The Hour Glass

The Hour Glass, Exeter

We met Johanna just after one o’clock at The Hour Glass. It wasn’t busy which surprised me. It was a cold and grey bank holiday so I thought it might be rammed. To be honest I was pleased it wasn’t. It was full enough to have a good vibe but not too full that you are crammed in. For those of you that don’t know me, The Hour Glass is my favourite pub in Exeter. It’s quirky and cool without being pretentious. The decor is mixed with lots of Victorian influences and filtered with odd object d’art. The colour scheme is maroons and bottle greens. Sometimes if you are lucky, the pub cat Pushkin comes out to say “hi” but sadly not on this occasion. He was probably tucked away somewhere warm to get away from the unseasonable cold snap we’ve been having. To be honest I don’t blame him!

We perused the menu quickly. I had hoped for squid or octopus and I was in luck. Chargrilled squid with Cotechino (an Italian sausage similar to salami), borlotti beans and Swiss chard was my choice. Steve and Johanna opted for the roast ribeye beef with all the trimmings. I have to say mine was delicious. A lovely stew almost. Hearty borlotti beans with Swiss chard (which is in season right now) plus tender chargrilled squid. An absolute joy to eat. The roast beef was cooked pretty rare and tasted tender and sweet. All the vegetables were cooked to perfection in my eyes. Roasted beetroot, celariac gratin, potatoes, carrots and kale. All delivered in some delicious gravy. Steve wolfed his down and half of Johanna’s too! She was feeling slightly jaded from the wedding she had been to the previous evening so Steve managed to have seconds without having to ask. He was pretty happy about that! 

The Hour Glass in my opinion never fails to impress me. The menu is always short and sweet plus everything is cooked beautifully. It’s my ‘go to’ venue for any special occasions. I would highly recommend a visit if ever you are in the neighbourhood.

You can find The Hour Glass at 21 Melbourne St, Exeter EX2 4AU.

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