My Week In Pictures 4/17

We’ve been having some cracking sunshine here in Devon but near freezing temperatures. I’ve been trying to get out and about again this week, walking in and around my ballet activities. Unfortunately I was unwell at the beginning of the week so I was pretty much housebound for a few days. I hate being ill. Laying idle in bed is my worst nightmare but I had very little energy for anything else so didn’t have much say in the matter. I obviously needed the rest.

I got out a few times though which I was pleased about. It’s good for my mindset to move and exercise. It makes me focus more on my daily jobs and tasks better and it’s obviously good for me physically too.

I met Dan in my favourite coffee shop in Exeter, the Exploding Bakery. We had a good catch up over coffee and a honey and ginger tea before heading our separate ways. We hadn’t seen each other since before Christmas so it was lovely to catch up on his news as always.

My friend Carmen came over in the week for lunch. I had been sent some gourmet goats cheese burgers from HECK to sample so I popped down to the Real Food Store and purchased some rolls from Emma’s Bread. The burgers were delicious in their own right but enhanced when I topped the bun with some delicious local Norsworthy goats cheese. They may not look like much but goodness they were good after a few days of fasting with my lurgy!

I was also sent some Super Green balls and Thai balls which I have been using in various ways. Check out my HECK post here.

On Thursday evening I hosted “cheese night”. A few friends came over for supper and we all brought a dish. The main focus of the night is cheese, hence the name and a good chin wag!

I made a salad of Shillingford leaves and apples with some local goats cheese. Liz came laden with cheeses from her neck of the woods. A piece of Cornish Gouda and some Cornish Yarg that really tickled our tastebuds. Tash made some delicious cream cheese and chilli dip and some of the best cheese straws for dipping. Serena was in charge of dessert and had made a show stopping Black Forest cheesecake. What a feast..

I managed to find time to hop on the train to Topsham on Friday morning. The weather was delightful but freezing cold so I bundled myself up and headed out. I wanted a change of scenery and Topsham is a short train journey away so it was the perfect destination. It meant I could get there, have a look in a few shops, do the Goat Walk (a short walk along the River Exe that loops back into Topsham) and get home for lunch before I had to head off to work. Check out the view..absolutely stunning!

I hope you have been enjoying the delightful weather wherever you are and long may it continue. Have fun and if you would like to, keep up to date with my daily news on Instagram and Twitter. 

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