A Week In The Life – Volume Three

A Week In The Life - Volume Three

Well hello there! It actually feels that normality is creeping back and I am not sure how I feel about that.

Who else thought during lockdown that life in its simplest form was so much better? Did you like me say that you weren’t going to let your old life creep back in? I feel like even though I have been trying desperately to retain the simple way of life, now that work is back to normal I feel I have slipped back into that “all work, no play” rut of pre-Covid times.

This week saw me return to the studio to teach my adult classes. You may remember that a month or so ago I went back to teach the kids? My timetable is once again pretty jam-packed and at times I have felt a little overwhelmed with it all. Everything is back to pre-Covid proportions with the addition of my online classes. So in essence I am working more. I love my online classes and the community I have built online and really do enjoy being able to work from home. A complete novelty in my field of work really. I never thought in a million years that my ballet and fitness classes would transfer so well online but here I am over a year later still giving my all to the most amazing bunch of ladies. They in turn give their all back which is just THE best thing. I love seeing their sense of achievement when they do well and the pleasure they get from joining my classes. It’s a great feeling and I never feel a sense of “oh no, I have to work now” when I log on to Zoom daily. For those that want to check out what I do and maybe want to try a class then head on over to my website http://www.myballetfit.com. You can be anywhere in the world and try a class if the timings work for you which is the most incredible thing.

Cipriani Tartufi

My love of truffle is well documented over on my Insta with numerous pictures of delicious truffle close-ups. Imagine my delight when one of my followers told me about a local family company sourcing truffles directly from Italy and bringing them to the likes of me here in the UK.

The Cipriani family for almost 150 years have dedicated themselves to research, selection and collection of the finest Italian truffles. As a business that has been handed down from father to son for five generations, their goal has been to provide the best gastronomy products Italy has to offer and make them available and accessible worldwide.

Having tried the truffles and truffle related products for myself I can categorically say they are of the highest quality and completely delicious. You can’t beat that heady truffle aroma, can you? Exeter and Devon friends, Cipriani Tartufi will be at Topsham Saturday Market every week from the 12th of June where you will be able to chat to Nick all things truffle as well as hopefully sample (if Covid regulations allow) and buy. If you don’t live locally you can of course purchase online here. Pop the date in your diary to get your truffle fix. What a treat for your tastebuds.

Tea Dates

“Little pockets of joy”. That’s how I would describe my tea dates with friends. Like I said earlier in this post, things have got very busy all of a sudden with my work life so, catching up with friends over a brew and a slice of something delicious brings me the greatest pleasure. My tea dates last week were mostly at home but now we are allowed to sit in restaurants and cafes I may venture a little further afield. I have a few places locally that I want to visit that have opened over and between the various lockdowns so watch this space for little reviews coming soon.

Birthday Wishes – Saturday

It was my birthday at the weekend and my gosh the weather was wet wasn’t it? At times it felt biblical! I think I spent the best part of the weekend with soggy feet but it didn’t dampen my spirits. My family and I managed to spend time together outside in the garden on Saturday which was lovely. We took advantage of our new garden furniture and parasol! Thank goodness for that parasol. It certainly helped keep most of the rain at bay.

We dodged the raindrops on the whole and devoured delicious homemade food and drank some spectacular wines. I sourced all of my ingredients locally and shopped for my wines from the two independent wine merchants in Exeter, Pullo on Paris Street and Smith’s on Magdalen Road. Saturday evening was pretty quiet spent watching old movies in our pyjamas.

Birthday Wishes – Sunday

On Sunday Steve, Estella and I took the bus to Sidmouth. It poured with rain once again and we got pretty soaked on a beach walk but all of that was forgotten once warm and dry with a glass of champagne in hand. Despite the downpours, my second successive lockdown birthday was a good one. Thank you to all that sent me birthday wishes over the weekend. Your kindness is always much appreciated.

Coming up Next Week

I have a few things to look forward to in and around work this week. A trip to Totnes and lunch with a friend will be the highlight as well as a night in front of the box on Saturday watching Eurovision. I don’t hold out much hope for our guy I am afraid. My tip is Iceland to win!

Have a great week everybody and I will catch up with you again soon with more tips on places to visit, things to try and recipes. In the meantime be sure to follow me on Instagram for all the latest Tara’s Busy Kitchen news.

Disclaimer; This blog post contains gifted items for PR purposes. I wasn’t paid for the post and all views are my own as always.

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