My Week In Pictures – Lockdown 3.0 Week 2

Saturday Brunch

Hello all. We seem to have made it through another week in lockdown so let’s give ourselves a pat on the back for that. it’s challenging and we are all doing a great job. However we get through the week and whatever we do is alright. If you want to spend a day in your PJ’s do it. If you want to go into full on exercise mode do it. If you want to throw the kids in front of the tv do it. There is no judgement from me over here. We’ve all got to do what we’ve got to do to get through our days without pressure from others.

I tend to go into creative making mode in the kitchen and try a few new simple recipes. They have to be simple though! I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself. I want to have fun, not feel challenged. I have enough challenges thrown at me with work so give me simple and delicious.

I find great pleasure in pottering in the kitchen as others do pottering in the garden. There is something rather wonderful and therapeutic about throwing some ingredients together, stirring, whipping and spooning. Plus, I love eating so with my efforts I have reward!


This week I have trialled a new recipe for National Peanut Butter Day coming up on the 24th January. I will leave you hanging for that but let me just say it’s incredibly simple with just four ingredients and you can literally have it whipped up in less than 15 minutes.

I also published a recipe for Buffalo Cauliflower Bites. A perfect snack to have alongside game night or movie night. The Buffalo Cauliflower Bites also make a fab addition to a buffet table or as a side dish. They are soft on the inside and crunchy snd sticky on the outside and are delicious. For the recipe click here.


I made a pretty cake at the beginning of the week when I had an afternoon free between work. I wanted something simple that I could make with ingredients that I already had at home. I am trying to limit the amount of time I visit public areas right now, understandably. I put together a vanilla bundt cake with cream cheese frosting and adorned it with the brightest of sprinkles. The cake gave me much pleasure visually and of course it hit the spot in the sweetness and flavour front too.


You guys went completely crazy on Instagram for my inside out toastie idea. I had this idea that it might be nice to show what was inside the toastie by putting a little of it on the outside too. This works so well with ham, spicy sausage and any robust herb like sage or thyme. I am pretty sure you can experiment with flavour combinations. It’s definitely time to dust off your toastie maker!

I made Quicke’s cheddar and spicy sausage, Devon Brie with quince jelly and Quicke’s cheddar with sliced mushroom and sage.

Whilst writing my insta post to showcase the toasties I came up with a couple of new ideas to trial this week and with Steve working away from home this week I feel I may be living off them! I am going to try a pizza toastie; bread filled with homemade tomato sauce, olives, capers and anchovies. I also have half a jar of sweet mincemeat that I figured could make a rather wonderful mince pie style toastie. Top that baby with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and I think I could be in heaven.

Saturday Brunch

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple of buns from the wonderful Eat My Food. For those that don’t know Jenn from Eat My Food is a whizz in the kitchen and delivers buns and takeaway meals at the weekend in and around Exeter. Everything is vegan and everything is delicious. I can’t recommend Eat My Food enough. I have never eaten anything that has disappointed me.

I ordered a savoury bun with kimchi and avocado plus a traditional cinnamon bun. Steve and I shared half and half over a leisurely brunch/lunch.

I was given a fabulous book for Christmas by my friend Serena called Year Of Wonder by Clemency Burton-Hill. A book that shares a piece of classical music for everyday of the year. I have been playing the music recommend almost everyday through Spotify either over breakfast, when I am getting ready for the day or sometimes just before I head to bed. Each piece so far has been perfectly smooth and easy with Saturdays piece being described by Clemency as “a big glass of red wine”. Listening to that with a candle lit was the perfect accompaniment to the wonderful buns from Eat My Food.


It goes without saying that I have been getting out everyday walking and exploring. Steve and I must have walked the length and breadth of Exeter this week.

Next week I will be back in the kitchen making a mess no doubt so look out via my Instagram account or sign up to my mailing list below to never miss out on a recipe or local foodie and independent business news.

Stay safe and well everybody.

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